Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Etsy Love

I've been meaning to write this post for a week now, and I've finally gotten around to it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I looooove Etsy. So when i was shopping for Christmas gifts, I turned to my favorite site for a couple things. I especially love working with sellers for custom stuff, and I hit the jackpot with these purchases.

First, a group of my Knottie friends (Salt included) decided to do a holiday recipe exchange. The rules were to send a favorite recipe and an accessory that went along with it. My exchange buddy was Carrie, a pink-loving bride with a 4-year-old son, Ben, who loves to bake with her. I couldn't decide on a favororite recipe so I gave three: Mrs. ESPN's kahlua cake , pumpkin cake, and the sugar cookie recipe I use. I sent a couple of cookie cutters for the sugar cookie recipe, but wanted to do something special, too. So I submitted an alchemy request for personalized recipe cards, and Sarah at dodelinedesign answered. I specifically wanted a certain template so that I could use print-it-yourself postcard paper I had left over from the wedding. Sarah more than delivered - I love the designs she came up with and they were super easy to use with my template. Here are the recipe cards she made for Carrie and Ben:

I also wanted to find some cool artwork for my sister and her boyfriend's home as a gift for them. They have a few black and white framed drawings, so I thought black and white photography would tie in well. I also wanted it to be something to remind them of home, since they're both from Tucson and I know they get homesick. So I found Liz at Its a Honu Day to design a letter photography piece. I found a quote about home, and the end result is really sweet, I think. I just wanted Megan and Daniel to remember that whether they're in Seattle or Tucson, they're home and they're loved by their families. I matted and framed it and I think they really liked it

So I just want to say a big "thank you" to Sarah and Liz for yet another great Etsy experience. Please check out their shops - you won't be disappointed!


Sarah said...

Thanks so much for the post Brooke! You were a great client and I so enjoyed it. Good luck in the new year :-)

Aunt Becky said...

Etsy is awesome. Seriously, loves it.

waipuilani said...

Thank you Brooke! Much appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you. I love Etsy too. Many blessings to you. =)