Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Car cake

Last night, I had the pleasure of not having to grocery shop alone. I can't stand going alone. Since he used to always work or attend school in the evening, I was left to do all the grocery shopping myself. Now that he's home in the evenings, he's joined me and it's a lot nicer. As a bonus, I have someone to carry groceries. In case I'd forgotten, I was reminded of his sweet tooth last night as I was in the baking product aisle. A sweet little conversation ensued:

Dan: Ooooh, cake mix is on sale!

Me: I have 4 boxes of cake mix at home

Dan: But you know what's good? Cherry chip cake with funfetti frosting

Me: Do you want me to make you a cake?

Dan: I like cake

Me: I know you do. If I make you a cake, you have to take it to work. We're not leaving a whole cake around for us to eat.

Dan: I won't leave it at home, but I'm not taking it to work.

Me: What are you going to do with it then?

Dan: Leave it in the car to eat when I'm hungry.

Me: Oh, really? How long are you going to leave it there?

Dan: Uh... a week

Needless to say, I did not buy or make a car cake last night.


Anonymous said...

I just read this to M and he seems to think there is nothing wrong with the concept of having a cake in the car to eat when you are hungry.


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

LMAO! Love it - it's like a conversation with Chatty! Too Cute!

Anonymous said...

This is totally something my boyfriend would do. Boys are strange.

Amanda said...

This? Is hysterical!! Sounds like something my hubby would do. Like when he left a jar of peanut butter in his car and didn't remember it was there until days later. MEN! Can't live with em....you know the rest. :)