Friday, January 8, 2010

It's all about Love in 2010

So here it is: the big resolutions post. I’m sort of a week late, but whatever. As I said in a previous post, I usually don’t make resolutions, so simply writing them down and posting them here is a big step in itself. I’m sure y’all won’t be interested in a lot of this, so don’t feel bad. I believe that resolutions are for yourself and not anyone else. They’re for holding oneself accountable, and I have only me to let down. I also don’t look at them as pass/fail. Call it a cop out, but I believe that with self-improvement, every little bit counts.

Love My Body. I promise to show my body more love in 2010 by eating better, moving more, and making healthier choices. I'm exhausted hearing people obsess, talk about and fret over weight, so I personally refuse to make a weight loss goal – I’ve struggled with loving myself at any weight for about 3 years now, and I’m giving myself permission to fall in love with Brooke for who she is with the promise of taking better care of her. I think that with self-love will come a better physique as I make healthier choices consistently and see the benefits of those choices. Sure I’d love to go down a size or two, but my focus with this goal truly is self-acceptance and appreciation.

Love My Man. I admit I lose patience sometimes with everyone. The one person who never deserves it is my husband. He’s always patient and kind and I need to be more mindful of taking the same care with him. I’m not saying I’m a raging bitch all the time, but I have my moments. I resolve to take time to speak with love and compassion and to show Dan how much I appreciate and adore him. I promise to take greater pleasure in the time we spend together and appreciate the little things more.

Love My Mind. This May, I will finish my Master’s degree in Taxation, and I have the goal of going out with a bang and earning an A in my final course. I will also read more books and exercise my creativity in more arenas than I have in the past. I will have fun with cooking, baking, decorating, crafting, painting, and blogging, all of which will be good for my mind and my soul.

Love My Family. Sometimes I don’t call my family enough. As much as I love my sister, I don’t call her often, and I need to do that. She’s the only sister I’ll ever have, and our bond is important. I don’t talk to my dad all that much either - neither of us are really big phone people - althought I love him dearly. And come to think of it, my grandmas could use some more love to. I think I’m pretty lucky to still have both of my grandmothers alive at my age, especially considering their ages. I resolve to call them all at least once a week and engage in meaningful conversations. As far as my mom goes, we talk pretty often. I promise to continue to work on having more patience when we butt heads and to make sure she knows how much I appreciate our relationship.

Love My Wallet. One of my/our goals is to save money this year. We have so many dreams that I hate to see piddled away because I couldn’t control myself over a pair of shoes and a latte (or shoes and Scratchers for him). Okay, it’s not that bad, but you know what I mean. It’s so easy to think “it’s just a little thing” without realizing that there were 10 “little things” this month and they add up. Being better with money also ties into my other goals. By spending less money eating out and more time cooking at home with my husband, I can love my body, my man, and my wallet. With him now working only one job, saving money will be a new exercise in communication, thereby making us stronger. By saving money, we can afford the bigger things we want that will help us grow as a couple, such as a vacation, a home, and a family. I promise to be more mindful of my purchases, pay off debts, and to work with my husband to set us on a deliberate path that helps us achieve our goals.

Love My Job. Everyone has days when they’re just not in the mood or right frame of mind. Everyone has distractions. I resolve to work harder this year to decrease those days and distractions. Obviously, I’m at my job because I’m valued as an employee and I help the bottom line. Conversely, I have the benefit of a stable job with solid health care, a flexible and understanding boss who’s giving me more responsibility, and a graduate education that’s paid in full. I promise to add more value to my position and to the company and to look for ways to improve myself professionally in 2010.

Love My Pups. To Paisley and Clover I promise to show more patience, to take them to the dog park more often, and to make sure they’re as healthy and as happy as I am able to provide. They're such a joy to both of us, and - though they may be trying - we're lucky to have fairly well-behaved and sweet dogs that just love us to pieces right back.

So those are my goals and ambitions as we bust into this new decade. What are your resolutions?


Joyce said...

HI...just popped over from Kellys were the comment above me and there are so many links I try to visit at least the neighboring comments : )

Good luck with your goals for 2010! Oh and I love the name Clover for a pup : )

momof3girls said...

I love what you said about taking time to speak with love and compasion - what a great goal!!! Thanks for wording it so well!