Saturday, January 23, 2010


Last night's Premier Designs jewelry party was a lot of fun! We had wine, delicious food, and most of my favorite girls from my office were able to make it, despite my "bad" directions and the never-ending rain. I totally wish I'd taken pictures because the food was awesome, if I do say so myself. I made a really tasty bacony (I used turkey), ranchy cheese ball, mini Boboli pizzas (the kalamata olive, feta and basil was the favorite), and apple streusel cheesecake bars. I had taken Paisley and Clover to Petsmart's day camp because Paisley isn't so friendly and Clover isn't house broken and I thought it'd be more enjoyable for everyone. As it turns out, the girls wanted to meet Paisley and Clover, so I texted Dan and he picked them up from Petsmart and brought them home. Paisley was great! No barking at all, she curled up and sat with my friend Laura, and she did her "You're on Fire!!" stop, drop, and roll trick. All in all, it was a fun evening!

Today, we're headed to Tucson to celebrate my dad's birthday. He's requested a game night, so it should be a fun family evening. It'll be nice to hang out with my parents and husband and be silly. After a long week, it sounds very refreshing. I have a cousin in town from Tulsa, and I believe plans are in the works to see her and her children, including her new baby, Aiden.

We've also made some new decisions. Ireland is being scrapped. For now. While in the midst of my excitement due to cheap air fare, I managed to forget some of our financial obligations. Whoops. Dan brought me back to Earth quickly with that one. We've had a number of discussions about our plans for the next year and decided that we'll plan a very exciting and fun 3 or 4-day weekend, probably to Napa Valley. It's less pricey and we won't have to account for Dan missing a whole week of work in our saving. We have a plan geared toward saving and paying things off and we'll be high-interest debt-free by about July. Our rent is going to go down even more when we resign our lease, so that will only help with our efforts. Basically, Paisley's hospitalization was a substantial set-back, and we've decided that there are things we want more than a pricey trip to Ireland that we feel would make us just as happy, particularly in the long-run. So I feel silly for getting all ahead of myself and practically choosing our Dublin hotel, but I'm excited about our current plan for better financial health.

What is everyone up to this weekend?


Andrea said...

HI Brooke, Happy Saturday Sharefest! "Financial Health" that is exactly what my hubby and I are working on this year! I am certain your trip to Napa will be just as fabulous as Dublin!
Nice to meet you from SITS
Eco-Savvy Month on my site, check it out:)
Heading to the Go Green Expo in Los Angeles Today.
Have a great Weekend!

Froggylady said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest!

I think trading Napa and debt for Ireland is a very wise and money savvy decsion. That way when you do go to Ireland you can enjoy even more! It's still fun to plan. :)

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I want to go to Napa too! Sorry I missed the party Friday night. Hopefully we can meet up this Friday!

Salt said...

AND saving up for a trip to the east coast!?! Haha.

I hope your dad had a great birthday! It sounds like your party was awesome and I'm so glad P was a perfect angel. :)