Saturday, September 12, 2009

That's why they call me Emergency Contact

Everyone, meet Connor. Connor, this is everyone. Connor, my friend's baby, is now 5 days old. Isn't he sweet? His momma had a high risk pregnancy with a few big complications, and he was born via c-section. Not because of his weight, but thank goodness, because he weighed 9 pounds, 12 ounces (bigger than I thought before). Anyway, he's doing wonderfully, and he's precious.

His momma, Kristi, however, could use some good vibes and prayers if you pray. Yesterday, she got a fever and went to urgent care and was put on antibiotics. She texted me to ask if I was around this weekend because she had a fever and instructions to go to the ER if it went over 101. Neither she nor her husband have family here in town, and a month before he was born, she asked if I would be willing to be his Emergency Contact. I didn't think I'd get to exercise my duties just yet, but sure enough, last night she called and said she needed me to come watch the little man so she could go in. Poor thing - she's sore from surgery, just wanted a normal pregnancy and healthy baby (she got the important one), and here she is feeling like absolute crap and having to leave her newborn to go back to the hospital. So Connor and I got in some good bonding time.

Last I heard, they thought Kristi may have a clot and was readmitted to Labor & Delivery to figure things out. As much as I don't mind being there in a bind to watch Connor, I hope she's able to come back home soon and enjoy being with her baby. Wouldn't you miss that face?

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Donatelli98 said...

So cute - I miss those days - hope Kristi is feeling better soon - so hard to be away from them that young! Yeah Queen stepping in like that!