Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

This Saturday kicks off college football season - hurray!! Although for me this means that something even more exciting - the NFL season - has arrived. Double hurray!! I enjoy football on Sunday afternoons - it reminds me of my dad. In an extended family of Cowboys fans, he's the lone Rams fan, and I cheer for the Packers. Our teams have had their ups and downs, but we stick by them. Most every year, we go to the Cardinals/Rams game - as they're in the same division, we're guaranteed a visit from St. Louis.

But my love of football started as a youngster - I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and am, by default, an Arizona Wildcats fan. Though it's mainly a basketball powerhouse, Arizona football is part of Tucson culture. I remember going to Homecoming even as a kid to watch the parade. Though I would ask my dad questions about the game when I was young, my enjoyment and understanding of the game began more in high school - when my family held season tickets for Arizona Wildcats football. We had some great times as a family going to games and tailgating. We'd cheer along and count out Wilbur's traditional one-handed push ups after each touchdown. As a student at U of A, I was proud (yet admittedly intimidated - that place is huge!)to go to the school I'd admired since I was young. Between a hectic school schedule, working full time, and extracurricular activities, I managed to still go to games and tailgating as often as I could. Those times with friends are some of my favorite memories. One of mine and Mr. Kingston's first trips together was to Tucson for the 2008 Homecoming game - it was also the first time he met my dad. He even wore a U of A shirt, and I was so proud. So yes, my heart bleeds red and blue, and I'm a proud Wildcat.

Apparently, I am Mrs. ESPN's willing puppet this week, because my post today is in response to her own blog post. When it comes to college football, she asked:

What's your favorite team?
What team do you cheer for other than your Alma Mater & why?

I've done a pretty sufficient job of answering the first question. The other team I cheer for is Notre Dame. To me, they're just authentic, iconic football. I don't really have a better reason than that, I just get psyched seeing them on the field.

So, what about you?

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