Friday, September 4, 2009

Six Weeks!

Wow, today is six weeks until we get married. It's amazing. It seems like yesterday that it was six months ago. It's been an interesting week as far as planning goes - some unanticipated ups and downs. It's all going to be okay though. Mrs. ESPN, who I'm meeting for happy hour later; and my friend Kristi (who's being induced today!!) both reminded me that, at the end of the day, we'll be married and that's what matters. And it's very true. Anything that goes wrong can only get to me if I allow it to. I woke up feeling refreshed and excited thanks to their support. Thank you, ladies!

Since today is a milestone of sorts (I remember thinking how excited I'd be at six weeks, and I am) I thought I'd talk about Mr. Kingston. I've alluded to a few things about him, but not a whole lot. So here's why I love and can't wait to marry my future husband:

- He's funny: he really has the best sense of humor. Not only that, we seem to have the same sense of humor. He loves to mess with people with playful pranks. He sends little jokes via texts throughout the day, and knows how to make me laugh when I need to. This morning, as we parted ways - he went to his car, I took Paisley out to potty - he waved goodbye up high for me, and down low for Paisley. It's goofy little stuff he does that make me laugh and smile.

- He balances me out: I'm a rules-follower, most everything is black and white. He is laid back and reminds me that there is indeed grey area. He seems to understand in which instances I need to stick to my guns, and in which cases I'm just stressing myself out. At those times, he's able to bring me back to earth and rationalize with me about whatever it is I'm being uptight about.

- He's got a big soft heart and other great qualities: To me, this is sort of an umbrella that covers a lot of his best qualities. He is incredibly sentimental - he remembers exactly what I wore on our first date and could pick the very outfit from my closet. After I chose lavender roses for my bridal bouquet, he had a tattoo done of them. Speaking of his tattoos, they're all meaningful, and his life's trials and tribulations, every single one of his goals and the things he holds most dear are all represented. You wouldn't know it from looking at him, but he's really very shy and tender. Being in unfamiliar social situations isn't comfortable for him, and yet I see him trying so hard because he knows it's important to come out of his shell for people to get to know him. On the flip side, he's confident enough to walk around the world being quite noticable, and he seems completely comfortable in his colorful skin. He's also very sensitive and isn't afraid to let that side of him show, which I think is a rare quality in a man. He is also supportive, genuine, selfless, generous, and loyal.

- He loves Paisley: They've been best buds since they met. Paisley loved him from the get-go. She goes absolutely nuts when he walks in the door in the evening. In the mornings, he wakes up and cuddles with her while I get ready. If she was bad the day before, he has a talk with her about how she's going to behave today. It's all just very sweet, and his interactions with Paisley have shown me what a great dad he'll be.

- We're very much alike: in many ways, we're carbon copies. In these ways, we understand each other without saying a word.

- We're very different: The ways in which we're different add to the fun of getting to know each other. Our differences have taught me a lot about myself, which only adds to our bond.

- He gets me: He just knows. There's no other way to put it. He gets when I need to just be quiet, or be alone. On the flip side, he anticipates and is more than accomodating when I need a hug or to go out and blow off steam or just have fun. He gets what makes me tick. When I'm goofy in a way I wouldn't be in front of anyone else, he thinks it's funny or cute. Because we're very much alike, there's often no justification needed for how I'm feeling at a particular moment, because he's feeling the same way. When he doesn't understand, he's ready and willing to listen. He seems to always just know what I need.

I often have a hard time describing how I feel about him in words. I've never been able to find a greeting card that says it just right. But I can say that he's my second half, like puzzle pieces. We aren't perfect individuals, and our relationship may not always be, but together we are. Six weeks from today, we start a new chapter, and I could not pick a better man to turn the page with.

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