Wednesday, September 23, 2009


People are requesting cookies! My cookies! I can't believe it. People have stopped by my cubicle asking if I have any with me today. That answer is - unfortunately - 'no.' I woke up to a facebook post on my wall requesting that I make more pretty cookies. Another girl told me they were the best sugar cookies she's ever had. I'm so proud, it's ridiculous. I just wanted to have a fun hobby, but it's really cool that others are getting some enjoyment out of it too. So I guess I'll need to do some baking this weekend. I'm thinking something Fall related. I plan to do Halloween cookies when the time comes, but I don't want to do those too early. Or maybe since I need to apparently make a lot, I'll do something simple so I can crank out more.

I'm quite excited about my very last tiny wedding detail. I'd been looking for a locket of some sort in which to put a picture of Paisley for my bouquet. It's been on my list for awhile. Since she won't be at the wedding but is a part of our little "family" I wanted to have her represented somewhere. I found a woman on etsy who makes bouquet charms for an outstanding price. Not only does she make the charm by hand, but she includes the pictures that buyers send in. And then she ships directly to the florist if you so choose. All that and for far far less (I'm truly amazed at the price) than for what I could find a locket for. Plus, I don't have to do the pictures myself or worry about getting it done and sent to my florist on time. Seriously, it's a screaming deal. So it'll be tied into my bouquet ribbon like this:

The remainder of what needs to be done in preparation of Mr. Kingston's Big Ol' Birthday Party (aka the wedding) could be wrapped up this weekend if need be. That's a really awesome feeling. It would be really nice if all I had to do that week was pack my overnight bags and drop stuff off with the wedding coordinator. I'm off on Friday, so I should have a really good productive day. We plan to get our license (very exciting!) and I plan to print programs (try #2) and place cards and that's just about all she wrote. Oh, and we need a bottle of wine for our ceremony - that could be tough. The thing has to survive for 10 years and preferably not taste horrible by then.

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