Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blonde moments and cookie favors

Yesterday when I got off work, I was so motivated to get some stuff done. My plan was to go tan (I know, but I'm really white and my bottom half is even whiter than my top half), print my programs, then go to Walmart and pick up a bunch of stuff we needed at home. So I went home, changed clothes, walked Paisley and headed out. Tanning is so relaxing - I hate that it is, because I know it's really not good. But after work, it really can be the most relaxing part of my day. I'll enjoy every minute for the next month that I do it and then stop. Anyway, I left the tanning salon and went to Kinko's to print my programs.

Now I haven't had a reason to print anything in a long time. They have these new machines where you load cash on a Kinko's card. I never use cash, just debit. But I still spent about 3 minutes - far too long - trying to figure out how to put money from my debit card onto the Kinko's card. Then I went up to the desk to ask how to do it and he said "well you just put your debit card in the machine." I told him I'm tried that. He said "no, the printer machine." Ooooohhhhh, duh! He saw the lightbulb come on and said "don't worry, everyone has their first trip to Kinko's." So then I went to go print my programs. A guy came and asked if I was figuring everything out okay and I told him I may need help figuring out how to load the program paper. The template is two-sided and I had to figure out how to get it to print to a one-sided program. That's when I realized that I'd brought two copies of the same side of the program. So I couldn't even print the darn things.

And that's when my phone rang. I was still trying to collect my stuff, so I let it go to voicemail and listened to it when I got outside. I left my freaking engagement ring at the tanning salon! I'd taken it off so I wouldn't get lotion in it and left it on the chair. I'm so fortunate that the girl who used the room after me was an honest person and took it to the front desk (the employee who cleaned the room had evidently not seen it). I was shocked! So from now on the ring stays at home, just like when I go to boot camp.

This morning I made the cookie favors for the kids at the wedding. I really love how they came out. Once they set, I'll package them and freeze them per Bridget's instructions. Aren't they cute? I know lime green hearts are kind of odd, but our colors aren't pink or red and I'm not big on super girly stuff or hearts, for that matter.

So that's one more thing off my to-do list, and I'll hopefully get those pesky programs done this weekend too.

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Karen said...

WOW, you are lucky. Isn't it wonderfu to know there are honest people out there? You should bake a special cookie for that girl!!