Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another weekend down, 2 to go

It's amazing that there are only 2 weekends between now and W-day. I was off Friday and was very productive - I got quite a few things crossed off my list. I got the programs printed and embellished with ribbon, bought the wine for the ceremony, and got the few little gifts for people who are helping with readings, the guest book, and our minister.

I also went to this awesome baking supply store. Holy crap, I was in heaven. I was actually teasing our minister last week about his "Geek Mecca," the comic shop. I guess I now have a mecca of my own. Seriously, this place has everything you could ever desire for cake, cookie, and candy making/decorating. As I'm super new to my hobby, I was in awe. I got a few cookie cutters and spent about 30 minutes just browsing. It was probably my favorite half hour of the day.

Yesterday, I baked and Mr. Kingston helped me decorate cookies for me to take into the office. I decided to go with simple circles with cute dots so that I could make more. Decorating cutesy stuff every time takes time and I burn out.

We've been pretty lazy overall this weekend. Last night, there were a few pretty good comedies on back-to-back so we stayed in and watched. Today, Mr. Kingston slept until 2 (I don't know how he does it), and I got up early and then napped for a little bit until he got up. I think we're both feeling very refreshed. I haven't slept well the past week - I think I'm having dreams that wake me up, but I don't remember them.

Tomorrow is - hopefully - marriage license day. Our plan is to go early in the morning and hope that it doesn't take too long. That will be pretty exciting, and I'll be glad to have it taken care of.

And lastly, because they're just so cute, here's Paisley with her daddy. They got lots of good cuddle time in yesterday.

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