Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tucson weekend

Mr. Kingston and I had a very nice time in Tucson this weekend. I went to kickboxing (which I missed so much!) on Saturday morning and we left around 1pm. We sat around and caught up with my aunt for a bit. I had gotten a weekend assignment for boot camp to get as many people as possible to exercise with me, and Mija was the only volunteer. So we did a game called "Hit the Deck." Alternating draws from a deck of cards, we did 15 repetitions of an exercise depending on the suit drawn. It took us about a half hour, but we got through all but 6 cards. Here we are doing lying leg lifts:

Paisley even wanted to get in on the action:

Oh, speaking of Paisley, she found something disgusting smelling to roll in. Ugh. So she got a bath from Mr. Kingston and my dad. She actually required another one (and a new collar), but this is the only one with photographic evidence:

After our workout, Mr. Kingston and I went swimming and played fetch with my parents' dog, Emmy. We had a great dinner of shish-ke-bobs and shrimp, followed by delicious dessert.

Last night, I also had my first really bad wedding dream, the one that made me feel like a bridezilla. In it, I started walking down the aisle when I realized that my bouquet was a shriveled shrub of mint green and lavender berries and my dad wasn't with me. Even though Mr. Kingston was at the end of the aisle, and our guests were there, I turned around to find my dad, who was wearing his regular clothes. After screaming at him that he was late and needed to change (atrocious, I know), I called the florist. When I cried that my bouquet was wrong, she said she didn't feel like doing it. Oy. So maybe I jinxed myself saying I hadn't had any really bad ones.
Today, we had a great breakfast, complete with my mom's grandma's pancakes. We went bowling before heading back to Phoenix. Mr. Kingston has his test for his journeyman's license this Friday, so it was important to get study time in. All in all a great weekend, very relaxing, and I'm so glad that my aunt liked Mr. Kingston. But then, what's not to love?

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Karen said...

You are amazing - way to go with boot camp and of course Mija loves the challenge! Great to have Mr. K and your aunt meet, she loved him!!!
Paisley smelled soooooo bad- where does she find this stuff?