Friday, August 7, 2009

JJ's ladies!

Hurray, the weekend is finally almost here! It seems to have been a long week. Boot camp this week went well. Last night I got through 3 cycles of the main exercise set for the first time. The cycle set was actually the second set of exercises. The first was a partner set of three (actually 6 because we each do one) exercises with 15 pound medicine balls. Yikes. And the third set was 8 sets of 20 second intervals of jumping jacks (or JJ's as our instructor calls them) and squats. By the third round of Boot Camp Man saying "Ready and... JJ's ladies!" I thought I was going to fall over. And then of course I started laughing because my coworker cracked up - we've been sending each other "JJ's ladies!" IM's at work and now we laugh every time we hear either him or each other say it. So at least the night ended with some humor.

The invitations have started to arrive to our guests, and I'm so happy that the consensus has been that they came out very nice. They're not what I think of as a traditional invitation on white card stock with a formal font or silver border or hearts or ribbon, so a part of me was anxious to hear the response. As I said, I'm very excited to start getting RSVPs and doing the final planning. A few of my plans are in limbo until we know our final numbers, so receiving RSVPs will allow me to get a lot of those things done.

Tomorrow after kickboxing, we'll be off to Tucson! My aunt arrived in the wee hours of the morning, and I'm excited to see her tomorrow. Not sure what the weekend plans are, but I'm content to just be with family and maybe get some eegee's. And as a bonus, Paisley will get all worn out playing with the parents' dog and will hopefully take a day or two of laziness to recuperate. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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