Monday, August 3, 2009

We've arrived on Easy Street

I've been looking forward to today since I began my summer school term. This will be the easiest this next 2.5 months is going to get for me. Today begins the first of three "relaxing" weeks. I still have boot camp and this week is month-end close at work, but with school finished for the summer term and the move complete, I now get to focus my attention on the wedding (which now has it's own closet!). Invitations are ready to go, I'll be taking them to the post office tomorrow. I've ordered the favors and will hopefully be able to have them done before class starts again on August 24th. I'm hoping to get quite a few projects done, and have any loose ends (the rest of Mr. Kingston's attire, for example) tied by the end of this month.

It was so nice to be in our new apartment last night. Not only was it cooler, we just felt so relaxed. I don't think either of us realized how stressful being at the old place was. We were so anxious about how high the electric bill was, we were hot constantly, and we didn't have enough square footage for our lives. Now, we each have our own spaces, and we're saving money which in itself, is good for mental health. Paisley seems to like it, too: she's now got a hallway to run down when we play fetch.

I'm also actually excited for boot camp this evening. We worked pretty hard moving this weekend - up and down two flights of stairs in the heat got me a good workout. So I'm not too worried about being sore. It's so refreshing to look forward to getting my butt kicked.

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