Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another fun-filled week

We had a great weekend. We spent Saturday picking up Mr. Kingston's suit for the wedding and meeting with our friend who is officiating our wedding ceremony. I feel so confident in our choice - I really think he'll do a great job and put his own touch and personality on the ceremony I wrote. We also went shopping together and Mr. Kingston bought me a new pair of shoes for boot camp. He's so sweet.

Speaking of boot camp, I signed up for another session. That's pretty astonishing considering the toughness of the workouts lately. But I'm pretty hooked. I'm really proud of the effort I've put into it, and yesterday one of the other women asked me if I'd lost weight. I haven't weighed myself (because it's possible to gain when starting a weight training program and I don't want to get frustrated), so I don't know, but she said I had a noticeable change. So that was a good ego boost! I can't believe the first session is almost over. We'll do final measurements Thursday and then I'll really know what progress I've made.

We spent Sunday (the two month mark!!) mostly relaxing. We had lunch with Mr. Kingston's parents (who then drove to Tucson for a conference and had dinner with my parents) and ran errands. Then the rest of the day was spent doing laundry, watching TV, and playing with Paisley. After a weekend of moving followed by one spent in Tucson, a lazy day at home was just what I was craving. We did go to karaoke in the evening though. Funny story: at one point, I guess Mr. Kingston got hungry and went in the pantry and decided to have a snack. I noticed his teeth were pink and asked what he ate. The answer: sprinkles. Like cake decorating sprinkles. He cracks me up.

I'm so excited for this weekend! My first wedding dress fitting with the seamstress is Friday afternoon, and I'm having dinner with my bridesmaid and one of our high school friends Friday night. My shower is Saturday morning, followed by my bachelorette party in the the evening. I don't know anything about either of them and for probably the first time ever, I'm enjoying that I'm being kept in the dark. I'm very excited to see everyone and spend time with the girls - it's been a long time. On Sunday we'll leave for Seattle and I'm looking forward to that too. Mija's planning out the route and figuring out how long we'll drive each day, but our plan is to get there early enough on Tuesday that we can at least go grab a bite of fresh Seattle seafood before I fly out at 8pm. It's hard to believe how much is going to be crammed into the next 7 days, but I can't hardly wait!

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