Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random things

I just read one of my favorite funny blogs, mommywantsvodka, and was inspired to do a "random things about me" post. She got to 100, I doubt I'll get that far. So here goes:

1. I hate fresh tomatoes, but I'll eat pasta sauce and ketchup.
2. As a kid, I practically lived on avocado, cottage cheese and liverwurst. The thought of liverwurst now disgusts me, but I still love the other two.
3. I thought I wanted to be a wedding planner someday. Then I had to plan my own and now I'm not so sure.
4. I once cut myself making Jello molds.
5. I had shingles at 16.
6. I hate reusable cleaning products, like sponges and rags.
7. I want to be pregnant and to have kids, but I don't want to give birth.
8. I have perfect skin, freckles and all. I feel bad bragging about it, but I'm incredibly thankful.
9. I almost ruptured an ear drum when I was a lifeguard and now get ear infections frequently.
10. I'm a tax accountant, but can't count my own dice while playing Yahtzee. Mr. Kingston's mom usually does it for me.
11. I'm very visual, and can't picture things in my head when they're described to me verbally.
12. One of my bridesmaids has been my pen pal since we were 7.
13. I love jackets. I'd have a closet full of them if I could afford it.
14. Eggs are disgusting. I eat them only because they're good for me.
15. I'm scared of clowns, snakes, heights, elevators, and large things like planes, cruise ships, Shamu, and Hoover Dam.
16. If I don't end up as a wedding planner, I'd like to decorate cakes.
17. I'm not scared of most bugs, and have been known to pick up roaches to remove them. Yes, I know, gross.
18. Germs don't bother me, either.
19. When I was in high school, I wanted to be accepted by the punk crowd and wear Jnco Jeans, but I was a smart jock (if swimmers count) and wasn't brave enough to approach them.
20. I can be painfully shy. People have asked how Mr. Kingston and I managed to even date. We've just always been comfortable together, once we got past the nervousness.
21. I hate to walk into a room first and will avoid it whenever possible. Thanks, gentlemen, but no thanks. I'm sure people think Mr. Kingston is a jerk for not abiding by "ladies first," but he's doing as I ask.
22. I wouldn't say it's one of my favorite colors, but I have an attraction to green.
23. I intend to have a boob job someday. I figure it'll be my reward for having babies.
24. I could eat mashed potatoes every day and never tire of them.
25. I'm really, really uncoordinated. I think it's part of being a swimmer - I never developed great eye-hand coordination.
26. I have 3 tattoos and intend to get more.
27. I swallowed a green bean stem when I was about 3 and that's the last time I had to go to a hospital.
28. I love to paint and don't get to do it nearly often enough.
29. I'm a morning person, much to Mr. Kingston's chagrin.
30. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo, but because it's a cartoon and I don't want adults to think I'm silly, I usually say it's Gladiator.
31. Mr. Kingston's parents and my mother are from towns only 30 miles apart in Western NY.
32. I have a low tolerance for alcohol and hate being drunk, which can be problematic.
33. I like Jesse James because he reminds me of Mr. Kingston.
34. I really don't like the color yellow.
35. I sleep when I'm stressed and cry when I'm mad.
36. I wish I was a better cook. Mr. Kingston says my food is yummy, but I'm scared of trying new recipes, so we are on about a 2 week cycle when it comes to dinner.
37. I hope my kids have Mr. Kingston's nose, because it's just so darn cute.
38. I was in a professional business fraternity in college, and am referred to as "Brother" by the fraternity. My guy friends who were in social fraternities have issues with this.
39. I've had a lot of odd jobs: paint-your-own pottery shop assistant manager, lifeguard, kiddie photographer. My favorite job was serving steaks in fishnets.
40. Speaking of jobs, I still aspire to someday work at Applebee's, even though I have a professional career.
41. My favorite possession (besides my engagement ring) is a framed print of the Sistine Chapel.
42. Even though she's younger, I really look up to my little sister.
43. I'm incredibly (and I cannot stress it enough) modest. Even though I was a swimmer, I've never changed clothes in a locker room. I use a stall instead.
44. I hate Dane Cook and don't get why he's funny.
45. I can quote movies like no other. I know Fight Club from beginning to end.
46. I generally consider wikipedia to be true.
47. Oprah bugs me. Part of me thinks she's a sham and can't possibly really be that nice.
48. I'm a rule follower, to the point that it sometimes annoys Mr. Kingston and he sometimes has to rationalize with me.
49. I could shop at only Target for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy.
50. I can't wink, whistle, or snap my fingers.

50 isn't bad, right?

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