Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Musings Friday

Hurray, hurray, it's Friday! Another long week. It was a pretty good week, but still a long one. I am ready for some weekend, people. We don't have a whole lot planned - I have a lia sophia show tomorrow and then we're celebrating our Irishness with corned beef and Irish Car Bombs at my in-laws' house.

- My mom flew to NY last night to visit my grandma and she flew Delta Airlines. Upon arrival at the airport, she discovered that Delta now charges $39 for a window or aisle seat. How do they get away with this? They have to fill the plane, right? So what if all the cheap (read: regular priced middle seats are gone) and someone refuses to pay (because according to my mom, you don't find out about this until check-in)? Then what? And what about people traveling with kids? My mom told me there was a passenger with her child that she couldn't even sit next to without paying $40 to do so. Ridiculous. I get that airlines are struggling, but this is a pathetic way to nickle-and-dime customers. Just go out of business gracefully, Delta. -- FYI, this is the first I've heard of this. If this is old news, please kindly disregard and move on.

- In less than two weeks, I'm going to Morristown, where I get to spend time with my friend Mrs. ESPN and meet Shana! Oh and I have a meeting I have to go to... an all-day meeting that will likely leave me wanting to lobotomize myself with a spoon. But I get to hang with Mrs. ESPN and Shana! Clearly, I'm excited.

- Yesterday, a package arrived in the mail for me from a wonderful friend, Kathy. We know each other through IF message boards - our (and by "our," I mean collectively as respective couples) diagnoses are similar except that just this week, Kathy celebrated the 1 year anniversary of being diagnosed with thyroid cancer by being cancer FREE! Yay, Kathy! Anyway, she sent me a really awesome gift - she found this beautiful print and decided it had Brooke written all over it. I'm in love with it, and I can't wait to hang it over my craft room desk:

Thank you, sweet friend!

- I met up with TJ last night for dinner. She'd booked a lia sophia party with me, which was converted from a traditional show to a catalogue show, so we decided to have dinner instead since we'd blocked the night off. Not making the connection between the closest meeting spot between us and a Radiohead concert in the adjacent arena, we showed up to a pretty packed restaurant. She was there before me and got a table, but as I was walking in, there was a large party who'd just put their name in. I overheard one of the moms say, "25 minutes to an hour? But we have kids with us!" Ummmm... since when does having children mean you get to cut lines in restaurants? This really isn't bitter me speaking. It's just kind of ridiculous and an example of how some parents these days seem to feel that the fact that they reproduced someone puts them above others. And they clearly weren't concerned that the wait was too long for the kids (there are other restaurants in the area they could have gone to instead if the wait was too long) because they were seated next to us as we were finishing dinner. So before anyone suggests that "we have kids, we shouldn't wait" was not what she meant by her comment, if the wait was truly too long, they had other options.

- I get to go to the doctor today for a blood pressure check. Fun shit. Only today is the first time I've used my new insurance, which basically now only covers catastrophic illness and one well-woman check a year. So basically, I get to use my lunch hour to pay about $150 for a blood pressure check. Yay!

You know the drill: have a great weekend and go visit Shana to see what's rolling around in everyone else's heads.

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Shana said...

I have some serious guilt right now...because I was too busy coughing and sleeping to actually get a post written today...and, therfore, there is no link up. I suck...but I vow to do better for next week.

And I'm am insanely excited about your visit. I really hope you don't have to pay $40 extra dollars for a good seat on the plane.