Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Musings Friday

Hurray, it's Friday! Holy moly, it was a long week. It's the kick-off of our income tax season, and I am dealing with some royal asshats. I'll be having a well deserved glass (or two) of wine this evening. Anywho, on to my randomness

- I don't remember if I mentioned this here, but there was a poll where they asked people what they thought Mitt Romney's real name is. I admit I don't know it, or remember it, but 2% of the population polled answereed that they think it's Mittens. That means grown adults think this man is named Mittens. Like a cat. I heard this on the radio over a month ago and it still cracks me up every.time. I see his name. Mittens. Ha!

- I've become something of a hair product junkie. I switched stylists in December, and I love what she has done. She's punched up my color (a slightly darker and richer shade of my own color, so I only need it done every 8 weeks because I don't really get roots), made my cut fantastic, and shown me products that give me that big voluminous Southern hair I've always wanted but wasn't born with. But of course, being styled with a product for one day just isn't enough. So once I ran out of the stuff I had, I decided I would pretty much buy what she uses on me (all Redken). So in the last 4 weeks, I've gotten a plumper (Velvet Gelatine 07) for my fine hairs, a root pump (Rootful 06) that doesn't weigh my hair down (!) and a spray wax (Wax Blast 10) that gives volume and texture without back-coming. And, I sucked Dan in, too. His appointments are 2 weeks off from mine, and I went to his last appointment, and they were having a special on products. So I made him buy me a hairspray (Quick Dry 18), too. Yeah, no more Tresamme for me, baby. It's kind of sick to think how much I've spent on products (although the cost has been offset by friend and referral discounts), but I love my hair again after a long time of feeling blah about it.

- Kirk Cameron recently told Pusscake Piers Morgan his honest feelings on gay marriage. And he's being seriously criticized for it. Here's the thing though: what the heck did you expect him to say? He's an openly conservative evangelical Christian. I'm not saying there aren't Christians who are accepting of gay marriage or that I agree with him at all, but in general, I think we all know that many who identify as Christian believe it's sinful. I'm honestly not sure why anyone is surprised. What I AM surprised about is that anyone cares what Kirk Cameron thinks. I find it interesting that because he's a "celebrity" we expect him to be PC and open-minded.

- Kon.y2012. I'm not linking the video because you all are capable of Googling, but if you haven't seen the video yet, it's interesting. And everyone on my FB feed is calling to stop K.ony and buy bracelets to support the cause. Um, let me make a comment about the cause. The In.visible Chil.dren "thing" behind this has a website and if you read enough literature on the mission, they basically want to lobby congress to send more troops to Africa to fight and capture Ko.ny to bring him to justice. Here's the thing though, the guy has built himself an army of children (which I'm not saying isn't horrifying and disturbing), but he's still around, I'm sure, because he makes sure he covers his ass and is protected. Someone this wacked isn't likely to have plans to go down quietly. So to send troops after him essentially means sending troops to fight his army... of children. I'm not sure we've thought this through. I have a better idea: take all this plastic bracelet money and increase the bounties on him. You can't tell me someone wouldn't take the SOB out for a cool couple million dollars. Also, they've been trying to catch him for 9 years - my guess is this isn't as easy as selling some bracelets. But it's been fun to see how a viral video is turning everyone into experts on global issues. Hurray for inactivism (Heir to Blair wrote an interesting piece on this that's worth a gander).

- I may or may not have (read: definitely did) burned a baby shower invitation I received with a blow torch. It was a rough IF week and I definitely felt better afterwards.

Alright, I think this just about covers the randomness in my brain for the week. Go visit Shana and see what's on everyone else's mind.

EDIT: Now with product names!


Steve Finnell said...
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PinkieBling said...

You MUST tell me about this spray wax!

I'm not sure why anyone cares what Kirk Cameron says. He's been irrelevant as a celebrity for a couple decades now. I agree that no one should be surprised.

As for the Ko.ny thing, I agree that it should be some sort of covert mission. CIA style, not regular military.

BLOWTORCH!!!! LMAO! I say, good for you.

Brooke said...

PinkieBling, it's Redken Wax Blast 10. Love love love it.

Shana said...

The Mittens thing was in Vanity Fair and it was hilarious. But then, the stupidity of people doesn't really surprise me anymore.

And I love your blow torch method. Whatever you need to do to feel better. xoxo

Kallay said...

Because of you, every time I see Mitt's name I think "Mittens" and crack up laughing.

Also, I just got my hair cut, too, and feel the same way. Don't you love finding a stylist who GETS it!?

Jessica said...

I felt the same way about the Kirk Cameron thing. 1) This is news? and 2) Who cares?

I also thought it was hilarious they asked Tracey Gold for a response. Yes, let's see what everyone's co-workers from 20 years ago think of their views!