Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Musings Friday

Hurray, it's Friday! Finally! Gah, I've been sick all week. And unfortunately, I'm that sick girl at the office because it's month-end close and I can't work from home, so I've been getting the side-eye all week. It's this weird cold thing that has phases - yesterday was the sneezing sensation phase, where I felt like I had to sneeze constantly and had stinking between my eyes. Fun stuff. I plan to go home and take a long nap, as I've been needing it all week. Anywho, my musings...

- I went to Starbucks this morning as I do every Friday and almost got hit by a teenager who was going about 20mph in a parking lot. She stole the space I was preparing to turn into, then flipped ME off. Um, okay. I almost made a comment to her about slowing down in parking lots, but I didn't want to be THAT lady. But honey, if you're out there, keep in mind: I'm older, and I have better insurance (it's true, I'm amazed at what great insurance you can get for cheap when you're over 30 with a 95% clean driving record). Towanda!

- I get to go to NJ for work at the end of March, for sure. And I'm leaving at 8:45 Wednesday morning and land back here in Phoenix 53 hours later. Awesome. At least I'll get to hang with Mrs. ESPN and this other fun girl from Rhode Island that we like.

- My nail-clipping co-irker is going on his annual trip to Vegas soon. He's had a slot machine ring tone for his Vegas buddies - which plays at a ridiculously high volume for an office - for three months now. He talks constantly about his stupid trip, and the only thing more annoying than the lead-up is the fact that he'll be complaining for a month afterward about gaining 10 pounds from eating at buffets for a week (yes, a week. He's going to Vegas for a week. Insanity).

- Speaking of Rhode Island (who ever says that?) I got an exemption letter from a customer the other day informing me that I should not charge them tax because they're not registered to collect and submit to "Road Island." And it wasn't a mistake - it appeared that way three times in the letter. Doh.

- I've ordered something ridiculous like 22 pieces of jewelry in two weeks to add to my collection. Most of it was covered by jewelry premiums I've earned for hitting sales goals, but I still feel like a crazy jewelry lady. The sad part, I still have about 70 items on my wish list. Yikes!

- Oooh, I made a most amazing dinner last night that you should try. You know how I said I discovered that Dan loves chicken pot pie? I created a twist. I used my crock pot to cook 3 chicken breast halves in cream of mushroom soup as I usually do, but then I also added a can of chile in adobo sauce. Then, after making my rue, instead of adding garden veggies, I used a can of corn, a can of seasoned black beans and a can of mild diced green chiles. The result? Mexican Chicken Pot Pie. Soooo good!

- This Pinterest thing? Where they're saying we could all get sued for pinning? I think it's kind of crazy. I mean, I get where people would be coming from, but it seems like it would be a huge mess to try to sue people for having your pictures. And I kind of feel like if you put it on the internet, it's sort of fair game. Sort of. I guess I'm on the fence. I mean, at least you're giving credit to the owner because Pinterest links back to the original site. Tumblr, on the other hand, completely divorces the thumbnail from its source. That seems way worse, yet no one is questioning the legality of Tumblr accounts. Still, in my idealic mind, I'd be fine if someone emailed me and said, "hey, you pinned my stuff, and I'm not happy with that. Can you take it down?" Sure, no problem. Do we really have to start sueing people? Also, considering that I'm still waiting for Lars Ulrich to show up at my door with a warrant for my arrest for my Napster account, I'm not all that worried this will go anywhere.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend! And go see Shana to check out everyone else's musings.


Kara said...

Rhode Island (and residents) are so special. I lived and worked there for 3 years.

Shana said...

I have a good one for you...yesterday I got an email that asked the question "Could he of asked for the whole amount in cash?" I read it twice before I understood that what the sender meant was "Could he HAVE". I just spoke to the same guy and he told me something would be "more easier". I think I'm going to email him back to ask if he's from Road Island.