Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scattered Thursday Thoughts

I'm way too all over the place this morning to put one concrete thought together. Maybe it's the full-force, full-sugar Coke I've been drinking the last couple days. Or maybe it's just the sheer excitement of today.

  • It's Premiere Day!! First and foremost, today is full of the awesome because The Office returns tonight! New Michael, new Jim and Pam, new Dwight, new Angela, new Kelly, new Creed, Stanley, Erin, Phyllis, Meredith, Toby, Darryl, Ryan, Kevin, Andy, Oscar and IT guy!! Also, new 30 Rock and the premiere of the new show Outsourced. My friend Andrew doesn't understand why I'd be so excited to see an aspect of my daily work life made into a show. He doesn't have to deal with India though. Our company has outsourced a lot of stuff to India, so I talk or email someone there daily. This show has to be hilarious.

  • The cookie bridal shower favors I worked on for my coworker were delivered today, and we're both just thrilled with them. If you didn't see the explanation before, the groom made the bride a black shirt with "I said yes!" and a ring on it to wear after he proposed. My coworker wanted cookie replicas of the shirt, but I deterred her away from the awfulness that is black icing. So we had vistaprint make postcards with a shirt design and the cookie itself is the ring from the shirt. Look how cute they came together!

  • We've had out first baking related death. RIP Oster handmixer. But heeeeelllloooooooo new awesome Waring Pro digital mixer with a timer!! Dan thinks I'm crazy for taking pictures of my handmixer, but I just love it so much and I'm overly excited by that kind of stuff. Plus, did I tell you it has a digital timer? Never again will I lose track of how long I've been beating cake batter. Win!

Today is just all good things!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday - enjoy the premieres tonight!


Salt said...

RIP hand mixer. :( So sad. But the new one looks so shiny and high tech!

The cookies look fabulous! I love the little tags on them too. Very cute idea.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Thanks for the cookie, glad I could taste test them for you. Not that I should have ... not helping in the healthy eating category.

JMJE said...

Very excited about the Office. And TV in general this week. I love those cookies.