Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blanket wars

I present to you a conversation from last night:

Dan: I need to get my own blanket

Me: Why?

Dan: You keep stealing the blanket at night.

Me: I do not. I woke up last night and you were laying on top of it. If anything, you steal it.

Dan: Well I woke up and you were rolled up in it like a little burrito. Like you got up out of bed, rolled up in it, and taquito-hopped back into bed.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

Dan: What if I catch pneumonia from being cold?

Me: I doubt that. It never gets below 76 degrees in here.

Dan: What if I get gangrene and lose my legs?

Me: How are you gonna ge--

Dan: What.if?

Me: Then I'd feel really bad.

Dan: I'm surprised I wake up in the morning with a pillow. Or even on the bed at all, for that matter.


JMJE said...

I have had millions of similar convos like that with my husband. We each have our own blanket now. It was the only way. Sometimes we share though.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like us. We have separate blankets and about 10 pillows for this reason.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Ahh - the joys of marriage!!