Monday, September 27, 2010


... baby back rrrribs! With BBQ Sauce! Anyone hungry for Chili's now? Good, because today is the day that Chili's is donating all their profits to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. So if you're going to eat out this evening anyway - and even if you weren't planning too - why not enjoy some Baby Back Ribs, a Big Mouth Burger, or Southwestern Egg Rolls while helping out some kiddos in need of a miracle or two? And if you can't get out this evening, you can go here and Create a Pepper and/or make a donation. What a fabulous thing to do on a boring Monday, hmmm?

Speaking of which, Meal Plan Monday is here! It's like the only good thing about Monday, don't you agree?

Monday: Chili's, obvs.

Tuesday: Mushroom Crock Pot chicken with rice and broccoli

Wednesday: Pasta with turkey meat sauce and veggies.

Thursday: Lemon pepper chicken with roasted potatoes and green beans

Friday: Probably Dos Gringos. Maybe. If not, there'll be left-overs to get through.


Our weekend was excellent. Our friend Army Daniel came into town on Saturday and we went to watch the UFC fights at Native New Yorker and then we went on to Dos Gringos for drinks on the patio. On Sunday, we took it easy, and my parents came to visit us in the late afternoon and brought us dinner. We mostly hung out and watched football. After they left Dan and I curled up on the couch and watched Undercover Boss. Have you see it? It's pretty awesome. I highly recommend it. And now we're back to the grind, of course. I swear I can't decide which kind of weekend seems shorter: those that are stuffed with plans, or those that are lazy with very little effort on my part. It probably doesn't matter - I'm sure I'll always feel like I need just one more day.

Don't forget, eat at Chili's :)

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