Friday, September 24, 2010

It finally happened...

... I made a cake, and nothing went wrong! And awesomely enough, it was for another big boss in the building, so I'm so glad it went well. The only thing was that the birthday boy requested a Betty Crocker vanilla cake (they're very specific about their cakes in that group) with chocolate frosting. My coworker asked for chocolate butter cream. Only problem, I don't like chocolate butter cream. So I really had no idea what it should taste like when it's good, because it just doesn't taste good to me. I got it to where I think it's supposed to be and went with it. It smoothed nicely, didn't pick up any crumbs, and everything went great. I didn't get a picture, but just imagine the most awesome chocolate frosted cake you've ever seen with "Happy Birthday" written on it.

In other cake news, I ordered our anniversary tier from our baker today. I am so excited! That was darn good cake, and I'm excited to celebrate our anniversary and Dan's birthday with our friends, Scott and Melissa. We were going to head up north for a night and have dinner and go out. Unfortunately, as I started looking at hotels, I discovered that the university up there is having its Family Weekend that weekend. Everything will be crowded and hotels are way overpriced. Boohiss. Dan decided he'd rather save the cost and just do dinner and something fun here, instead. He doesn't know I ordered the cake though, so it'll be a fun surprise. Now I just have to figure out what to get my husband for our first anniversary and for his birthday. Hmmm...

In dog news, Clover went to the vet yesterday for her semi-annual bordatella shot and I was talking with the doc about her house-breaking issues. Something about the frequency of how often she's relieving herself triggered some concern for him, and he suggested an ultra-sound and urinalysis. The last time we'd talked about it, she was almost 6 months old and within the normal range for house-breaking, and he didn't think it was an infection since she wasn't having accidents in her crate (a truly bad infection would have over-ridden her natural instinct to mess in her crate). The ultra-sound came back normal, which was a relief, but he said she may have a low-grade infection and prescribed antibiotics. While I feel awful that it's possible she's had this little infection looming for quite a while, I'm happy that we may have an answer to why house-breaking has been so difficult with her. I just hope this may be the start of a new beginning for us.

As far as this weekend goes, it's a blank canvas, just like I like my weekends. I think we're going to see my parents, and Dan's on call, but other than that, everything is wide open.

Does anyone else have any fun weekend plans? How did you celebrate your first anniversary? What should I get my husband?

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JMJE said...

I ordered a small cake made in the same flavor as my wedding cake for my anniversary as well. It was awesome. We also stayed at the same hotel we did on our wedding night. A waiter accidentally poured a beer on my husbands lap (on the anniversary not the wedding). It was comical.