Monday, September 20, 2010

Meal Plan Monday: Beef Week

This week, thanks to checking the ads at Pinching Your Pennies, I've found that beef is my best deal for the week. So we'll be having lot of good hearty protein-filled meals.

Monday: Meat loaf and asparagus I just love my friend's recipe - it's so tasty

Tuesday: Turkey taco salads. Okay, so it's not beef, but turkey's on sale too :) And we have chips to use up

Wednesday: Pot roast. Yummmmm

Thursday: We have plans to go to Native New Yorker for delicious wings

Friday: Leftover pot roast remixed as beef enchiladas

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JMJE said...

I am having a pretty similar week. We had meat loaf on Sunday and tonight is Taco Salad night. Ground beef was on sale at my store.