Friday, June 18, 2010

It's happening again

I'm a little stressed out today. We seem to have gotten the electricity problem fixed yesterday, but when we got home last night, the temperature in the apartment just kept going up. Dan checked, and it was blowing warm air. Not hot, just not cool. When we went to bed (on the floor of the living room because it was actually cooler than the bedroom) it was 84 degrees. I woke up to 86 degrees. Let me tell you, I just do not feel right today. I didn't sleep at all, really, and neither did Dan. My fingers are like little sausages from the heat and water retention.

This is all way too reminiscent of last summer's A/C war with the complex. The only thing that's missing is a $300 electricity bill ::knocks on wood:: We have them coming to look at it today, and I'm sincerely hoping it just needs a recharge with new Freon. I really don't have the energy to go through another Summer of 2009. The dogs are excited though, as they got to go to PetsMart again today. Well, Clover was excited. Paisley didn't look too pleased.

Speaking of PetsMart, when you take them to Doggie Day Camp, they get this adorable Pawgress report. When we took them last Friday, they'd hung the girls' report too close to their crate and they ate some of it. But the gist of it was that Clover played all day, and Paisley watched. Typical. Yesterday's report for Clover said that she had fun racing around the room and was "too excited to rest." Such a great visual. She is such a spaz :)

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