Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Sneak Peek

I'm just too excited to keep all my Cocoa Bar plans under wraps. Last night I decorated my 5 dozen mitten and snowflake cookies. The blue came out way more electric blue than ice blue, but Mr. Kingston still thought they were pretty awesome.

The snowflakes are all the same but most of the mittens are unqiue. I had fun doing them and I'm very thankful to Mr. Kingston for keep the dogs busy while I finished up the details when he got home.

I'm wondering if my obsession with my Cocoa Bar is an indication I'm going through wedding withdrawal...


Anonymous said...

EEP! Those are adorable and so delicious looking!
And they look store bought. You should start a business!

Karen said...

Ditto about starting a business. And yes, I think you might be displaying "alittle" wedding planning withdrawal. The cookies are awesome and they taste good. Much much better than most you buy. Can't wait to taste some at Christmas.