Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Christmassy Date

Last night, Mr. Kingston and I went on a Christmassy date. We went to Olive Garden (I'd been craving Lasagna Fritta and he was happy to oblige) for dinner and then went on a search for our tiny table-sized tree. We found it at Lowe's. Isn't it cute?

Just to show how small it is, I'm standing next to a 7 footer. Our tree is about 3 1/2 feet.

After picking our tree, we went to Glendale Glitters in Old Towne Glendale. There were dancers, face painters, food booths, and various vendors. We treated ourselves to some lightly spiked cocoa and hit the streets. Every tree was beautifully lit and everyone was in a festive mood. It wasn't nearly as crowded as Zoo Lights last year, so it was a nice change of pace.

Today, we slept in and did a lot of Christmas shopping. I'm usually a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping, but even I was feeling a little stressed about how much I'd put it off. It just seems like after the wedding, Thanksgiving snuck up on us, and now it's suddenly 12 days until Christmas. But I put a huge dent in my shopping so I feel a lot better.

After an afternoon at the mall, we came home and decorated our tree. We dressed it up with plain white lights (no twinkling - twinkling drives me nuts), white, silver, and grey ornaments, and an ice blue bead garland. We still hope to add some personal ornaments for our first married Christmas, but I think it came out quite nice, don't you?


Donatelli98 said...

Cute tree - how are the girls with it? I was telling D I miss having a real tree! Can't wait to see you next weekend to decorate cookies!

KingstonsQueen said...

We actually put it on the dining table so they can't get to it. Good thing, because I held Clover up to it and she bit it and pawed at the ornaments. Saturday will be fun :)

saltsays said...

Your little tree is so cute and looks so pretty decorated! I'm so glad you guys got a tree this year. :) What do the girls think of it?

Glendale Glitters looks GORGEOUS! Christmassy dates are the best; we went on ours tonight. :)