Friday, December 11, 2009

Festive Flicks

I loooove Christmas movies! Like Christmas music, they get me in the spirit and remind me of wonderful Christmas memories with my family. So here are my favorite Christmas movies.

The Santa Clause. I loved this movie when I was younger and I still like it. Scott Calvin finds Santa collapsed on his roof and is forced by the reindeer and his son to finish Santa's duties. After a stay at the North Pole, his world is turned upside down. Over the course of the year, he becomes Santa. He shaves and his beard grows back in seconds. His hair greys. He gains weight and has an appetite only for milk and cookies. Of course, everyone thinks he's insane. Except for his son, who believes it all. In the end, Scott accepts his new identity and is proud to be Santa Claus. It's just a sweet flick with heartwarming scenes and a great line: "Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing."

Elf. Ah, I love Elf. Like, really love Elf. While I baked and decorated my dad's turkey cookies, I watched it three times. I never ever get tired of Elf. And I don't think anyone could pull off the character quite like Will Ferrell. The concept is hilarious: a human, Buddy, raised by elves at the North Pole heads back to New York City to find his biological father, a workaholic book publisher on the naughty list. Buddy only needs 45 minutes of sleep a day, accidentally gets a job at a department store and then gets fired for beating the everloving Christmas spirit out of the fake Santa, eats lots of candy, and is adorably clueless. Add in a love story, drama with Santa's sleigh, and a drunken incident in a mailroom full of "shiny bins" and you've got yourself a seriously hilarious movie. And there are so many great lines in this movie, I don't even know where to begin.

Christmas Vacation. No movie reminds me of Christmas with my family more than this one does. My dad and I watch this at least once every Christmas season. Premise: the Griswold family Christmas goes haywire, hilarity ensues. You've got crotchety grandparents, yuppie neighbors in matching silver running suits, and Griswold kids who aren't happy to give up their rooms. And then there is Clark, who devotes his time decorating his house with 25,000 twinkle lights to avoid the family; Uncle Eddie, who drops by unannounced in his RV and proceeds to empty his mobile palace's toilet into the storm sewer ("Sh!tter was full!") and then kidnaps Clark's boss; Aunt Bethany, who adorably leads the family in the Pledge of Allegiance instead of a blessing at Christmas dinner. There are many parts of this movie that I didn't get until I was older. And everytime I watch it, I laugh a little harder. It never gets old, and it's a fun tradition with my dad. It's too hard to pick out quotes I like. This movie is all about the funny exchanges between characters. I love the peanut gallery when Clark is trying to light the house, only to end up knocking out power for an entire neighborhood. Any scene with Uncle Eddie is a riot. And who can forget the second scene: the Griswolds marching through the snow to find the perfect Christmas tree only to discover no one brought a saw? It's just great movie about a good old fashioned family Christmas gone horribly awry.

What are your Christmas favorite movies?

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saltsays said...

My favorites are the three you posted!!!!!! Especially Christmas Vacation. I could watch that movie a million more times and never get tired of it!

Now I want to watch Elf...