Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I just want to send out some hugs. I know I'm a super poster today, but some people need hugs.

First, welcome hugs to my new readers and followers - happy to have you! I started this blog to chronicle our lives and memories, but I'm truly flattered if someone finds it interesting. I'm so happy to have been told about and to be a part of SITS and I look forward to the new daily reading material ans support.

Hugs to Shannon. I'm sorry you had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. You and Henry are in my thoughts and I truly hope you get good news soon. If it means anything, yours is my favorite Knot wedding yet. Big hugs!

Hugs to Salt - thanks once again for making me an awesome Cocoa Bar sign and being a truly wonderful friend. I can't wait for your wedding, and I'll be thinking the most lovely thoughts for you and M on February 27th. I hope we get to chill in Baltimore sooner than later.

That's all for now. Perhaps I should instate Hugs Tuesdays. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Veronica Lee said...

Merry SITSmas!!

shannon said...

awww. thank you so much. really. thank you. things are going to have to get better soon, so i'll just look forward to that day.

Anonymous said...

You are great. :) Thank YOU so much for being such a wonderful friend! It's amazing how the internets can bring people together and I'm sad that we don't live down the street from one another because I know we would have the best time!

So you come here...or maybe we will just have to come to AZ!