Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sugar Doll

My dearest Salt gave me the Sugar Doll Award! Again, it comes with an adorable badge, which of course I'm not talented enough to stick to my post. Ah well. You can look at hers, instead :) So I get to tell 10 interesting things about me. This could be hard - I've done 50 random things about me as well as another 7 with the last award. So I may just have to throw in some things about people I love, too.

1. My husband passed his journeyman's licensing exam on Friday, and I am so proud of him. He didn't want the pressure of everyone knowing, so he didn't tell us he'd even taken it until after he passed.

2. I spent my 12th birthday on an Amtrak train going from Tucson, Arizona to Rochester, New York to visit my mom's family.

3. I was a synchronized swimmer from the ages of 11 to 13. My sister swam as well and continued on through college. She's won national titles with her masters team. She's awesome!

4. One of my tattoos was inspired by one that my mom got from Lyle Tuttle.

5. If you told me a year ago that I'd be married right now, I wouldn't have believed you. I knew I loved Mr. Kingston and wanted to be with him, but I never would have guessed things would progress so soon. And I couldn't be happier!

6. I once cut myself making Jello.

7. In college, I had a Pathfinder that I loved. I totalled it soon after I graduated. Over a year later on a family trip to Mexico, we spotted it in a parking lot by the beach.

8. I've only voted in one presidential election (I've been old enough for 3 now), and it wasn't the last one. Say what you will about not using my voice, but I haven't had complete confidence in a candidate and his views, and I refuse to give my vote to someone I don't believe in.

9. If I won the lottery, I'd pay off our cars and buy Mr. Kingston a Harley Davidson Road Glide.

10. The stones in my rings are moissanite, not diamonds. It's not because of the diamond trade but because we wanted something different and we could honestly get more for our money with moissanite. We also love that they originate from meteors, and they inspired our first dance song "Stellar" because of the line "meet me in outer space."

So now I get to tag my favorite bloggers to give us interesting things about them. Since I still don't have many followers (as I put "get more followers" on my to-do list), I'll tag Mrs. ESPN and anyone else who'd like to participate can leave a list in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Ok first of all I have to know...how did you cut yourself making Jello?

And also...synchronized swimming!? COOL!!!!

HUGE CONGRATS to Mr. K. for passing his exam! :)

KingstonsQueen said...

Weeeeeell, I was making Jello egg molds (it was around Easter) and I couldn't get the thing open. So I decided to pry a knife between the two halves and I slipped and cut my finger with the serated edge. It got infected and I had to go to urgent care.

And yes, synchronized swimming. I stuck with it for 3 years, then switched to traditional lap swimming in high school.