Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Etsy Love

I used Etsy quite a bit in my wedding planning. It's time I gave them all some love. I've mentioned some of the items in previous posts, but here's a mass Etsy Love Fest.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Michaelangela created my wedding day hoodie. I asked her to modify her standard bridal hoodie design. I knew I'd want to wear it more than just on my wedding day but didn't particularly want to walk around with "Mrs. Kingston" on my back. So a monogram worked great for the purpose. Well here it is:

I also had a stamped monogram necklace made by Etsy seller Sissypretties. I wore it after the wedding to Dave & Buster's and now often wear it daily. Creating my necklace took a lot of great communication between me and the seller, and she happily did a practice run so I could see what it would look like and tweak the design.

Though Paisley herself wasn't welcome at my wedding, her picture was. DesignsByTami created a bouquet charm for me. I sent her a picture of Paisley and she created the charm and sent it directly to my florist for me.

My garter was from CreativeBridal. They customized a damask garter with a motorcycle charm to reflect one of mine and Mr. Kingston's favorite hobbies.

onehautehostess made the candy scoops for our table centerpieces and our beautiful toasting glasses.

One of my last wedding related purchases was my thank you cards to my bridal party. FinePrints made customized cards for each girl, and each had a personalized picture of bride that looked like me and three bridesmaids that were tailored to resemble each of the girls. I loved them! Unfortunately though, I think the pictures were lost with the dead lap top, but her shop will give a great idea of her work.

As I've mentioned, there are a ton of beautiful crafts to purchase as-is on Etsy, but for me the fun was making a design I loved from a seller whose wares were amazing all mine. Making the wedding reflect our tastes made us happy. See?

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