Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ladybug, the Dragon, and Gold Status

Mr. Kingston and I had a fun Halloween. Mr. Kingston worked most of the day, but I got The Girls dressed in their costumes just in time for him to walk in the door.

Paisley was a dragon. A fierce fire-spewing, rawring dragon.

And little Clover was a lady bug. She wasn't much of a fan of the head part of the costume, but she was still pretty adorable. And she was very interested in Paisley's dragon arms. They looked so cute together!
We got dressed and ready and headed over to Dave & Buster's for the local rock station's Halloween concert. It was a pretty good show, and fun to watch the mosh pit from the safety of D&B's balcony. We also discovered that we've achieved gold status. We're Big Time now. We have enough points to buy small appliances and video games. All in all, we had a fun Halloween!

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saltsays said...

EEEEEEEEE!!! How did I miss those cuties in their costumes? I LOVE IT!

Oh and PS I left you another blog award. :)