Thursday, November 26, 2009

I may have spoken too soon

Just two days ago, I said I was thankful for healthy pups. Today, our Paisley is quite ill. It started yesterday with vomitting and has escalated to a painful abdomen, vomitting, lethargy, and dehydration that is likely the cause of either pancreatitis or a bowel obstruction. She's currently with an emergency vet in Tucson overnight to keep her hydrated and monitored. Tomorrow, I'll cut my trip short and drive to Phoenix to get her to our vet. Considering the risks and costs of having surgery if the problem is an obstruction, we're hoping it's pancreatitis, which is treated with hospitalization, fluids, and anti-inflammatories. Most of my day today was spent watching her carefully, attempting to gage whether her condition was worsening or improving. It finally got to a point where I felt she was pretty uncomfortable and I wasn't willing to wait on getting her care any further. So please, whether you pray, meditate, or simply send good vibes, please keep Paisley in mind for comfort and a speedy recovery.

All in all though, we did have a nice Thanksgiving. Between Paisley's illness and Clover's excitement at being in a fairly new place, I didn't get a lot of sleep, so we were pretty much just lazy most of the day. Our dinner was small - just me and Mr. Kingston, my parents, sister, and my grandmother. After dinner, my sister and I went to our aunt and uncle's house to say hello to our cousins. I'm hoping sleep finds me quickly after all the events of today so that I can be up early to get Paisley to Phoenix. However, I'm waiting to hear the results of her blood work and pancreatitis test, so I'm just trying to pass the time with other things, like facebook and blogging.

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