Friday, November 20, 2009

Show Us Your Life: Pets

Today on Kelly's Korner, the Show Us Your Life feature is Pets. I know I've told a lot about Paisley and Clover's antics, but today, I'm going to really gush about them as well as tell their adoption stories and show some of our favorite pictures of The Girls.

Paisley was my first dog that I got all by myself. I had just moved into my own place after a break-up and wanted a companion of my own (my ex had a dog I loved and I missed her badly). I researched breeds that would work for me. I wanted a smaller dog, but not yappy. I lived in an apartment, so the energy level had to be conducive. I spent hours reading about the benefits of crate training. I knew I wanted a puggle after I read about their sweet temperment and their size made them a good fit. I considered and weighed the options between rescue dogs and puppies and decided that I wanted to raise a dog from the start. I found Paisley's breeder on Sunday, March 9th and went and saw her. She was just the cutest thing ever. She was crate trained, immunized, and healthy looking, and I took her home.

Paisley became my whole little world. Every moment was devoted to the walking, training, feeding, bathing, and safe-keeping of my 9-week old puggle. She was always so happy to see me when I came home and she'd curl up with me in the evenings for a nap. The change in my schedule jarred me for a while - it was like how I imagined a newborn to be. Everything in life was planned around when I'd be home to take Paisley out. Over time, it got easier. Then I met Mr. Kingston and we both fell in love with him. I've never seen Paisley get as excited to see someone as she gets every day when he comes home.

We love Paisley because she's sweet, smart, funny, and affectionate. She really is our first baby. We love having her curl up between us in bed or on the couch. I love her talks with Mr. Kingston and how she follows me anywhere I go. She may be an angry elf sometimes, but she's our angry elf.

We started discussing another dog in probably July of this year and decided she would be our wedding gift. We knew we wanted another puggle. I think we were almost as excited about getting our new pup as we were about getting married - we were looking so forward to bringing her home and having a sister for Paisley. Mr. Kingston suggested the name Clover and from then on, we referred to her as that. Two weeks before the wedding, we went and saw her for the first time.

We brought her home two days after we were married and she and Paisley became fast friends. They play constantly. It's hard to believe we've had her for a month already. Like the wedding, it feels like it was ages ago. Clover is just as tiring as Paisley to take care of, but just as fulfilling. She get happy to see us come home and can be very sweet. She's busier than Paisley though, aand Paisley was buuuuusy. She's more adventurous and independent. She's farther along with house-breaking too.

The Girls are really our little family - we love them dearly, even though they test our patience and sanity at times. We know that when walk in the door at the end of a long day, they'll be there to greet us, give us kisses, and welcome us home.