Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Musings Friday

So, once again, I've managed to not blog for over a week. To be honest, my heart just isn't always in it. I feel like life is pretty steady and for the most part, relatively dull compared to some of you. My rants generally go on Facebook or Twitter. So in general, I don't find most of my thoughts, or even most of what happens in life, to be very blog-worthy. But I will dig up some thoughts.

- This whole Susan G. Komen vs. Planned Parenthood thing is interesting. While it's a disappointing choice from the women's health perspective, I also believe that organizations have a right to choose who and what to support. Just the same as you or I have a right to support one organization and not another. However, I think they lack integrity in their reason. If they're not going to fund PP because of "investigations," why are they giving $7.5M to Penn State, who also is? There's been no talk of pulling that grant. I'm fine with Komen instating a rule, but they need to be consistent. I'm not going to get all political about it because that's not my style, but it's hypocritical and I see right through you, Susan G. Komen.

- This past weekend, we went to Tucson for my dad's birthday. On Saturday night, we went to the casino and then came home and made s'mores. Sometime Sunday morning, 2 of the chocolate bars on the counter went missing and Clover was a likely culprit. We googled all sorts of stuff, and even though the maximum amount she could have eaten wasn't likely to be lethal for her body weight, we decided to induce vomitting with hydrogen peroxide to be on the safe side. Clo had enough to make a 100 pound dog puke and barely slowed down. She did finally get sick (in the car of course), but there was no evidence of chocolate. We don't know for sure that she actually got any, but I do know that my girl has an iron-clad stomach, unlike her sister.

- Last night, Dan wasn't feeling well and I wasn't very hungry. I had been hungry when I was driving home and had cheese and crackers for a snack, but when dinner rolled around, I was over it and content to have fruit or what little leftovers we had. Dan asked repeatedly what I wanted (steak was on the meal plan, but it was windy out - not good for grilling), so I said I was fine with just Wheat Thins or whatever, but we were actually out. Since I didn't come up with anything else, he decided Wheat Thins it was. After googling for a minute (during which time I assumed he was looking up some sort of Wheat Thin casserole), he went to the store and came home with this:

Size boxes of Wheat Thins, in every flavor. He was mighty proud and lined them up on the refrigerator, going through them saying, "Yummy, good, yummy, probably good, good, yummy." Lesson learned: ask and you shall receive

- My first lia sophia show is a week from yesterday and I'm getting so excited! I have a lot to do - in my mind at least - to get ready. I need to figure out some presentation stuff, figure out a cute display for earrings, and get a bigger table cloth for my display table. It doesn't seem like much, but this coming week is incredibly busy, and every free second is going to count. I can't wait to get through my first couple shows and find my groove.

- And speaking of next week, PJs at TJ's, a blog gathering hosted by Temerity Jane, begins a week from today! I'm really excited. There are a lot of really fun bloggers coming, and TJ herself - along with her daughter, Penny - is totally awesome. I have no idea what to expect, except for a good time and meeting some cool new people.

Alrighty, people. Enjoy your Friday and your weekend! Have fun watching the Super Bowl commercials, since no one anywhere seems very interested in seeing the game itself :)


Dee Stephens said...

Happy Friday! Good luck with your show!
Funny about the Wheat Thins! LOL!

Shana said...

I'm really glad you like Wheat Thins! That's really funny. Dan rocks!