Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our fourth 4th

This 4th of July marked our fourth Independence Day together. We always seem to have good memories on 4th of July. There's always good food, some fireworks, and a relaxing day. It's like a little piece of heaven tucked in the middle of summer, just for us.

Our first may have been my favorite, just because it was the first. We had only been dating about 6 weeks. We went to Rustler's Rooste, a restaurant a couple miles from what would become our apartment, up on a hill overlooking the valley. It didn't dawn on us that all of Phoenix would decide it was the perfect spot, too. We only waited an hour for a table, but I found out later Dan hadn't eaten since breakfast. He was very quiet and now I know why - that's how he gets when he's hungry, and how I can tell we've waited too long. We hadn't been very affectionate to that point. I knew I liked him a lot after my birthday, and it was the first time we'd seen each other since my party at Dave & Buster's. A couple of times, I tried to put an arm around him, and though he didn't brush me away, he didn't reciprocate much either. Lucky for him, I saw something under the shy exterior that I really liked. It would only be a matter of weeks after that 4th of July that he'd come out of his shell and show me he was into me, too.

The next 4th of July, we were engaged. That's crazy to think about. Dan's brother and his girlfriend (now wife) came to town and we spend the whole 4th of July weekend swimming, drinking our favorite beer, and eating delicious food with the guys' friends. We packed up Paisley and stayed at my in-laws' the whole weekend. On the evening of the 4th, we all loaded up into the back of my father-in-law's truck and drove to an empty lot to watch fireworks. Our friends' son was in complete awe of the show and it was so much fun to watch his excitement.

Our third 4th of July was quieter. My brother-in-law didn't make his summer visit that weekend, so it was just me and Dan, the in-laws and some friends. More swimming, more good food, more tasty beverages. It was so hot, to the point where we didn't get out of the pool much and were content to watch the fireworks from the water.

Yesterday wasn't too much different from last year, except it was just us most of the day. We slept in and took our time removing ourselves from the couch. We went to lunch at a favorite restaurant, then came home and fell asleep on the couch, with the pups curled around us. After debating what to do for an hour or so, we loaded up the pups, packed our swimsuits, and headed over to the in-law's for steaks, Yahtzee, and swimming. The brilliant state of Arizona decided to legalize the sale of non-projectile fireworks, so we were treated to the sounds of neighbors trying to set their yards on fire for a good 2 hours before the actual fireworks started. We got home just in time to put on PJs and settle into bed. Our laziest 4th of July yet, but also one of the most content. It was wonderful to spend the day with my husband and top it off with the usual 4th of July goodness.

How was your 4th of July?

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Dee Stephens said...

This was our 4th, but really, 3rd July Fourth together.
We met at the end of June, so the first year, I went with my plans to spend the weekend in the mountains while he was at his parents.
I love the 4th! Check out my blog for what we did.