Friday, July 29, 2011

Cafeteria Challenge Update: Day 12

Today marks day 12 of the cafeteria challenge. Last week was better. I had breakfast at work once this week because I was running late and didn't have the time to make my egg whites and turkey sausage breakfast. I also had a salad from the salad bar for lunch that day. That'll teach me for hitting snooze too many times. The rest of the week, though, I stuck to it. I saved $41.36 this week, for a running total of $92.50. That's scary. It's not always fun eating leftovers when there aremore tasty looking options downstairs (which I often get a sneak peak of when I go to refill my water). But it's worth it when I have the extra money we'd rather put toward other things.

In other news, have a house guest this week. My parents are in Seattle visiting my sister and brother-in-law, so we have their chocolate lab staying with us. it's been a bit of an adjustment. Emmy was anxious (understandably) the first couple of nights going to bed in our house and did some pacing. Yesterday when my alarm went off, she was right in my face at 5:30 wanting to play. She's such a sweet girl to have around though, and she certainly keeps Clover busy. I'm hoping I'll get to sleep in tomorrow, but I'm not betting on it - Emmy's got my dad trained to feed her early. But hopefully I'll be able to get a nap in.


Dee Stephens said...

That's awesome about the savings! As for feeding early. Buddy use to wake me up at 330am wanting to eat. He would stand by the bed and cry. Ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

You're going to love that extra money.
Yea. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for taking Emmy. Only two more nights and your life will go back to normal. You guys are the best.