Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And now, we wait

Yesterday was our appointment with the infertility specialist. I was anxious all day. I didn't sleep well Sunday night because I had a dream that I overslept and got to work late, then couldn't finish work in time to go to the doctor. So I was wide awake at 3am freaked out about over-sleeping. So yeah, anxious.

Basically, some things were as I expected, and some things were better. I had a feeling that our game plan would include working on Dan's numbers first. The specialist wanted to re-test him right away (like, this week) but we both feel that it doesn't make sense to test again before making improvements. Even if we saw a 10% increase in results, we'd likely have to make improvements anyway, so why pay for 2 tests (I have coverage, but Dan isn't on my plan, so we're out-of-pocket for him)? So we were given a list of vitamins and other supplements for him to try. We're thinking we'll test again in 10 weeks, as that's about how long it takes for sperm cells to mature, and we want to see the full effect of the changes we make. The doctor thinks it's realistic to hope that we could improve the counts enough to make IUI successful, which is exactly what we hoped for.

So basically, we get a break. And we're actually okay with that. It's been fifteen months of thinking about timing and testing and everything. The last month or two have had the added stress of worry about test results and what they mean for us. We agree that taking the next 10 weeks (or longer if we want) to just live life is best for us. Once we get started with whatever treatment plan we go with, things tend to get more stressful and emotional than just "seeing how things go," so we want to be in a good place.

And no, we're not at all thinking that "taking a break" will lead to pregnancy. As of now, if none of the vitamins or supplements or other lifestyle changes make any difference, we have about a 5% chance at spontaneous conception (as in, not in a cycle, but ever), and even with some (say 30%, which may or may not be realistic depending on the cause of the deficiency) improvement, our chances are still far less than the average couple, and we also have my issue to contend with. So please, I know people are hopeful and rooting for us and I appreciate that so much, but please spare us the "see, you stop trying and it'll happen!" We have options, and we'll get to those. For now, we just wait.


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Well said my friend - sending hugs your way!!

Shana said...

I think your plan is a good one. Crossing my fingers for things to improve!

Dee Stephens said...

I think this is a great plan. We are set to do an IUI this month but went to the doc this morning and guess what?
Looks like it might need to happen this weekend and we're going to be out of town for a family wedding.
We'll see.. we go back in Friday morning to see where I am. I hope they can do it then before we leave town.
If not.. another month of trying on our own.
arghh..so frustrating!
I'm trying not stress but after all the time and emotion(not to mention $$) put into it ..it's hard not for us to..
I'll be thinking of you guys. Do the same for us.

Brooke said...

I will certainly be hoping for you, Dee! I hope things work out to do your IUI soon so you don't have to wait.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I think this is a wonderful plan..until then, just have the time of your life. HOpe you get to travel, drink good beer, listen to some good music, and enjoy being each other's rocks. Strengthening a marriage (even a strong marriage) is so important.

sulfababy said...

Sounds like a great plan! If your husband has any insurance at all, it might actually cover the SA. Might be worth it to check. Best of luck!! :)

400 Wakeups said...

Here's what I think...this is 10 weeks of freebie food and drink. When I was trying to get pregnant, the doctor said "eat like you would if you were pregnant." No sushi, no bleu cheese, and for God's sake...no moonshine. I gotta say...these last 6 months have been full of rare meat, unpasteurized cheeses, and red wine. And sometimes it is the only thing that gets me through logging on Facebook and seeing someone announce their pregnancy pretty much every effin' day. So Cheers, love. Also, have sex standing up. Because, y'know, that one's off the table if there is any chance of conception.

Also, fingers crossed that everything looks brighter in 10 weeks.