Monday, December 13, 2010

Don't worry. Toto is okay.

Last year for our cubicle decorating contest, I turned my cubicle into Brooke's Cocoa Bar with the creative help of Salt. I had fresh cocoa and all the fun stuff to put in or on it, decorated sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and tried to turn my cube into a festive little wonderland. I came in second. Not bad considering I'm alone in my cube and the winners had two minds to put together and decorate.

This year, I decided to go in a different direction. Redneck Christmas. With the help of Dan's skills and my coworker's extra pair of hands, I turned my cubicle into an iconic Airstream trailer. I covered in in silver paper, then added an Airstream logo, wheels and windows and strung it with lights. Dan made me that doormat that says "Git R Done." I had a tree put up and used bobbers as ornaments, and hung little stockings for my little rednecks all named Bobby (including a Justin Bobby, R.I.P. The Hills). A coworker brought in some rickety old lawn chairs and I have plans for poinsettias in KFC buckets and my pink flamingo lawn ornaments are on their way. It was on the road to White Trashville.

But this morning, I came in to find this...

My coworker with a hilarious sense of humor left the tornado on the wall when she came in and saw the trailer has collapsed. Don't worry, Toto is okay, and with the help of FEMA, we'll be rebuilding in time to take the gold medal at judging on Friday. It'll be even awesomer.


MrsCaptKerk said...

What a great idea! love this!

Mrs. B said...

Hilarious! I love it. The tornado drawing is too funny... I was cracking up over here :)

shana said...

I laughed so hard that I choked on my Diet Coke. That is hilarious!

I love your redneck Christmas idea. And I love that you guys decorate your cubicles for Christmas.

Please post more pics of the finished product and good luck...I hope you win.

JMJE said...

Sad that you decor fell down. I love all the Bobby stockings.