Monday, October 4, 2010

Wanna win something else?

As I mentioned in my mom's birthday post, she's the director of a really awesome preschool and kindergarten that specilializes in early childhood language development. As the school is a non-profit organization it depends on tuition, grants, and fundraising to support its programs. This year the school is doing a raffle and there's a pretty sweet grand prize:

A golf cart! Not this exact golf cart, but a golf cart that goes about 25mph and is street legal. Imagine the wind blowing through your hair as you ride this puppy through the streets of your neighborhood to run errands. Or, you can take $2,000 cash instead of the golf cart. 2nd prize is a 42" flat screen HD TV, and 3rd prize is $250 in cash. There are only 1,500 tickets being sold, which makes your chances way better than either winning the lottery or being attacked by a shark. Cool right?

You can check out the school's website here and if you're interested in a raffle ticket ($20 for one, $100 for 6), email me at



Amanda said...

This is very cool -- and I LOVE the fact that it's "street legal"...I'd love to tool around on that thing in my neighborhood! Wonder if I can strap a car set in it!

Salt said...

Woah that's awesome!! I would love to have a golf cart. Although I'm guessing if I won it, it would be tough to send it to me. Maybe I could fly over, pick it up and drive it back cross country??