Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tag! I'm it!

The sweet and adorable soon-to-be mommy Amanda at It's Blogworthy tagged me in a getting to know you post. Sweet!

I gather I answer the questions she came up with, then create new questions and tag some of you fine readers. So heeeere we go:

1. Do you like sports or do you want to murder-train them? Which sports are your favorite, if you do like them? I like to watch football. Up until this season, I was the only one in this little family who seemed to care about watching. Then all of a sudden, my husband is into pro, college, and even high school football. It's on all weekend. All.weekend. Other sports I'll watch: hockey and golf. Golf if great to take a nap to. Hockey's just awesome. Baseball and basketball make me want to die.

2. Which is better, chocolate or vanilla? I'm going to be stoned for this one, but I really dislike chocolate flavored anything. It's not a question of which of two good things is better. I literally only like vanilla.

3. What was your favorite vacation you've ever taken? Most of my vacations have been with family. Dan and I have never been anywhere alone. Weird huh? I do enjoy visiting my family in NY though. Two years ago I went by myself and really enjoyed being with my mom's side of the family. I think our upcoming trip to Baltimore will be really awesome, though.

4. If you could go the rest of your life without hearing about ONE celebrity or public figure, like if that person ceased to exist, which person would it be? Hmmmm, so many directions I could go with this one. I would have voted Heidi Montag, but the universe seems to have whiped her out anyway. Where is Heidi Montag? Anytrash, I'm going to say... Tom Cruise. I don't get the hype and he's just a weirdo. Poor Katie. I could do without him. Plus his voice annoys me.

5. Do you enjoy TV watching, and if so, what's your all time favorite show? I enjoy watching TV. I'm a big fan of The Office. I'll vote for that.

6. What's your favorite kind of music? Metal, baby.

Alright, I'm not creative enough today and my little mental break is over, so the following people may answer the same questions:

Kelly, Shana, Mrs. ESPN, Shelly, and anyone else who wants to join in.


Amanda said...

YAY Thanks for playing!

I will forgive you for the vanilla thing because you are capable of making such DELICIOUS looking chocolate treats!

shana said...

So many hard questions! Be sure to check in tomorrow when I leave the world's most indecisive answers to your questions.

MrsCaptKerk said...


I shall do this right this very second!