Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Musings Friday

Happy Friday! I am incredibly excited that it's Friday for a number of reasons. First, today is the deadline for that big project at work. The end is in sight! Second, I'm going to happy hour with Mrs. ESPN and another of our friends today, and I'm looking forward to girl time. Actually, I got a lot of girl time this week between dinner and pedis with Temerity Jane and her mom Wednesday and my hair cut last night (my hair stylist is a friend). And I get girl time tomorrow with another friend. Dan has to go to a trade show in San Diego, so it'll be just me and the girls (and my parents on Sunday). So, a lot of girl time, which is great. Anyway, random musings...

- Have you all seen the cover of Time Magazine, with the breast-feeding (BFing) child who's old enough to stand on a chair and way over old enough to ask for it? I'm not going to get into a BFing debate on whether you should or shouldn't and what age to stop. I believe BFing is a good thing, but I also believe that mothers should do what's best for them and their baby and sometimes BFing isn't it, and that's okay. But I do admit I personally feel uncomfortable with extended BFing and attachment parenting (which the article is mainly about) is very much not my style. I think the cover is a bit much in terms of shock value, but this is also coming from someone who isn't comfortable watching/seeing an infant BF, either. I also have issue with the cover line, "Are you Mom enough?" FFS, really, Time Magazine? You're going to say that anyone who doesn't BF their kindergartner or co-sleeps isn't "Mom" enough? That's just what the Mommy Wars need - one more outlet telling them they're not good enough for whatever reason. I swear, there are times I feel like biology helped me dodge a bullet. I doubt I'll read the article, but I find the whole thing beyond ridiculous.

- I bought my tickets to Chicago to see my friend Kari, her husband, and their baby! I'm very excited, and I'm looking forward to a much-needed break. I haven't taken any vacation yet this year, and this will be a fabulous little getaway. And bonus, I saved a bunch of money on my ticket. I noticed the other morning that one flight's fare had dropped $55 (!) from the last time I checked. It wasn't the flight I had in mind, but it was only an hour earlier, so I jumped on it. Then, US Airways offered me a $50 credit if I applied for and used their credit card, and I figured "what the heck?" So I saved $105 on my fare. Awesome!

- We're still fighting hives with Paisley. She's most free of them, but she's been breaking out here and there. The hilarious thing is that when she had them for 4 days straight, I was administering Benadryl and prednisone in rolled up turkey meat. So the other morning, she sat next to the refrigerator for about 20 minutes waiting for her treat. Unfortunately, she didn't have hives, so she didn't need anything, but it was pretty funny that she liked the new routine so much.

- My husband is a little entrepreneur. I bought a lawn mower a long time ago, but it was electric, and Dan didn't like it much. Oh, side note/funny story in terms of electric yard equipment. We also have an electric blower, and in one of my dumber moments, I asked what good it does when you can only stand a (2-foot long) cord's length away from the wall to blow stuff. Duh, Brooke, extension cords. My in-laws still make fun of me for that one. Anyway, his dad recently bought us a brand new mower, so we no longer needed the crappy one. I bought the electric one at a yard sale for $15. Dan sold it for $80. Dan wins.

- It's no secret that I love Toddlers and Tiaras. Love it. Anyway, the most recent episode was the "Me and My Pet" pageant. There were twin girls - one did a routine with a lamb that wouldn't shut up, and the other got stuck with a turkey, poor thing. And then there was a girl who had a snake. Ick. I HATE snakes, and this was some kind of baby python or boa or something. I admire that she loved this thing and let it hang out around her neck and stuff, but I watched the whole intro - during which she let "Slither" do his thing all around her room and her toys - with my body pressed as far back into the couch as possible. At one point, the following conversation happened:

Me: "Oh My GOD! That is... ew! That is my NIGHT MARE!"
Dan's coworker: "A snake in a doll house? THAT's your night mare?"
Me: "Yes! Ugh, oh God this is awful!"

Notice Dan's coworker was watching T&T with me. Awesome.

Alright, I don't really have anything else. Hope y'all have a great weekend! Go visit Shana for everyone else's random musings.


Shana said...

The snake in the dollhouse comment has me hysterical. Because I totally get it...but it just sounds so funny! Have a great weekend!

Laura Diniwilk said...

That cover was ridiculous. Do you really mean to tell me that they don't have better things to do than stir up controversy just for controversy's sake? And I heard they used the kiddo's first and last name in the article. I'm sure high school will be a blast.

Shelly said...

I hate that you will be in Chicago and I can't see you. Granted, you never said "hey Shel! Let's meet up!" I would just hound you down and wave a lot "Brooke! Brooke! HAI GIRL!"