Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday! Random Musings

This day deserves a 'Happy Friday!' answered by a 'hallelujah!' don't you think? What a long week. I am so excited for a 3 day weekend. We're going to Dan's aunt's house for a BBQ tomorrow and other than that, we don't have plans, which is kind of nice. Oh, wait, we do have plans to have dinner with Temerity Jane, her husband, and their baby. I've only got 6 days left in May for my resolutions, so some organization needs to happen. Anyway, here are my random musings from the past little while. You've probably seen some of this on Facebook, but you get to see it again. All in one place. You're welcome.

- I was crazy busy with lia sophia last week. I had shows Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Oh, and our monthly meeting on Monday. Five events in a week. I was kind of lia sophia'd out. And then I went to our meeting and some ladies brought up some really fun ideas, and now I'm chomping at the bit for a show. I'm super excited to try some new things. So if any of you out there are interested (even in a catalog show), I'm offering an extra $50 in FREE jewelry to anyone who books in June. Keep in mind I have vacation June 20-24th, and there's Father's Day in there, but I'm available pretty much any other day. Just throwing it out there :)

- Oh, also, I ordered my first real custom jewelry case. The husband of one of the sellers is a wood worker and has perfected the art of creating cases for us. I worked with him to design the perfect case for my collection (as of now, I'll have to up-size later). It should be done any day, and I'm beyond excited. No more splaying my necklaces haphazardly all over a table.

- My flowers that I planted are finally starting to bloom! And, I grew a caterpillar. Okay, I didn't grow him, but I have a caterpillar. He's cute. I named him Vern. Unfortunately, Vern's a bit of an a-hole and bit holes in the leaves, but I guess that's par for the course with a caterpillar. Here's Vern... chillin' like a villain.

And here's one of my flowers. It's kind of ugly. It has a face only a mother could love.

- The other morning, I was having another one of my "I hate all of it" days in terms of my wardrobe. I told Dan I wanted a stylist. He said I have Clover - I sometimes joke that the dogs should pick my outfits when I'm frustrated. Um, Clover would dress me like a gypsy. I'd be draped in sparkles and wrapped in gauze. Clover may be a great dog, but a stylist she is not.

- The other day at lunch, a coworker and I came upon a young bird who'd tried - and failed - to fly. He'd clearly hurt himself and was struggling around on the sidewalk. After we ate lunch, I used our empty plates to move him out of the way so he wouldn't get stepped on our otherwise harmed. Later, one of the facilities guys came to my desk and asked me what the hell we'd been doing. I said we were just trying to make him comfortable. And he told me that I was working against him - they've been trying to get rid of the birds in our courtyard. Get this - they even installed a sound machine in the tree that makes owl and monkey noises to scare them. He must have thought I was nuts because I burst out laughing - we've been trying to figure out where the damn bird-that-sounds-like-a-monkey came from for a while now. Also, the sound machine has a high pitched tone that apparently scrambles the birds' noggins and kills them. Not very nice, but slightly amusing when you think about it. So, (this is for Mrs. ESPN) not only so we make sh!t fly, we kill birds. Awesome. Oh, and the bird was named Fluffy. RIP, Fluffy.

- Dan wanted to prank me. He saw an episode of Punk'd where someone put a fake snake in a toilet for their friend to scare them. This is literally my worst nightmare. I have irrational, irrational fears about snakes and things they're capable of. Thankfully, Dan recognized that this was NOT a good idea and decided not to go through with it. I probably would have died.

- Speaking of Dan "pranks," we recently went to Lowe's and he pulled a funny. Now, when I park at parking lots, I don't necessarily feel the need to park super close to the door. What I find more important is being close to a cart-return for when I'm done shopping. I'm all about convenience. Dan, for some reason does that weird guy thing where they park their precious baby far away so no one dings it. I don't like dings either, but life happens. It's not something I live in fear of. Anyway, we were pulling into Lowe's and he started to park just too far away, for no real reason. We were in my car, he wasn't parking near a cart-return, there was no reason to be randomly in the parking lot where he was. So I jokingly said "could you park any farther away?" And so he did this.

That's my silver Murano, sitting in the nether regions of the Lowe's parking lot. I'm standing at the door exiting the store - the entrance door was actually farther away, but there were people around and I felt like a goon taking a picture of my car while also laughing like an idiot because it really was very funny.

- The day before Mother's Day, I went antique shopping with a friend of mine. It was kind of a distract-ourselves-from-Mother's-Day trip. She lost her mom last year, and well, I wasn't exactly psyched about a day that serves as a reminder of my empty ute. Anyway, we went antiquing and it was so much fun. I found some cool decorations for my craft room. We went to this huge antique mall and in a teeny little space in a corner, I found one of the most amusing things I've ever seen. This woman was selling little dolls that she made from an upside-down terra cotta pot, a wooden ball, and various doll hair and facial features. Then she covered them in flowers or whatever. Anyway, this was my favorite:

Eeek! And guess how much she wanted for this puppy? THIRTY DOLLARS! Insane. Those craft pom balls must have gone up dramatically in price since I last glued them to something in kindergarten. Some a-hole probably humored her or told her she should sell them as a joke.

So there's all the good, bad, and amusing stuff that's happened to me. I get to go to emissions for my car today, which, woooot! Fun times. BUT I just discovered that the personalized plate I want is available, so yay for motivation to get my car registered so I can get that, too. I'm considering it a birthday present to myself. June is "justify all splurge purchases as a birthday present to myself" month, and I'm starting a tad bit early.

Hope you all have a LOVELY Memorial Day weekend!

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Shana said...

That move with the car...John would totally do that.

I hope you had a nice long weekend!