Saturday, May 12, 2012

A funny thing happened when I wasn't wearing a bra

Monday this past week was kind of an odd day. Nothing incredibly BAD happened, just a series of annoying things. The strap on my laptop bag broke, I left my wallet at work, the servers crashed 5 minutes before submitting my monthly reporting (at 5:00pm). It was just a long, weird day. And then, when I got home, after I'd finally changed out of my work clothes and got settled in, a somewhat funny thing happened.

Clover and Paisley were barking ferociously on the south side of the yard, indicating that they were probably barking at the neighbors cat. Now, when I said I'd changed out of work clothes, I primarily mean I'd finally gotten to take off my bra and put on pajamas. So I go outside to yell at the girls and tell them to come inside and leave the cat alone. And to my surprise, the neighbor - whom I've never met - popped her head over the wall - as in, she was standing on something on her side - and was like "you guys are barkers! What are their names?" Um, I don't like to meet and/or talk to people when the only thing between them and my tatas is an Old Navy tank top, so it was very awkward. I picked up Paisley to shield my shield my chest and yelled at Clo to come inside. I answered her question about the dogs names, but didn't introduce myself to the neighbor, so she probably thinks I'm rude, but that was not the time. I had to get my puppies - of both the dog and boob variety - back inside.

And that was the funny thing that happened when I wasn't wearing a bra.


Dee Stephens said...

I'm weird about that too!

Allyson said...

OhmyGod, Brooke! That is hysterical!!! What timing. I will try to make you feel a little better about this. I am normally not home when the housing people come around to leave flyers. And even if I am home, they usually just leave it in the door. Except on this particular Monday morning, I guess he saw the front door open and decided to hand it to me directly. I had been up for several hours, but just hadn't made it INTO my bra. White t-shirt, totally see through, no bra. I have never seen somebody shove a piece of paper into someone's hand and take off so quickly. Oh well...hanging loose happens.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

This cracked me up. My husband never gets why I get so annoyed when he tells me his brothers are stopping by... I get up, run to the back of the house huffing and puffing and come back out and he's all "What is wrong?" and I'm all "UGH, I had to go put a bra on!" Guys just don't get it.

robyn said...

Our house is up for sale, and I was lounging around in my jams (sans bra, of course) one evening when I hear a key in the door - a realtor was bringing a young family by to look at the house. I had not received any warning from our realtor and so I quickly crossed my arms, welcomed them into my home and then sat on the front step to give them some privacy.
Did I mention it was a chilly night? I almost poked an eye out when they left!