Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well, this is it. The Dirty Thirty. I've arrived. It's kinda fabulous. I woke up feeling a little extra cougar-y today, considering that for the next 4 months, I can say my husband is 26. Rowr.

My weekend was awesome. Better than I could have even asked for. The party Mrs. ESPN threw for me was so much fun. We had absolutely delicious food, tasty drinks (many tasty drinks) and great friends. I was even surprised by my cousins and aunt who drove up from Tucson. I got some awesome gifts - I get to shop at Target, Pier 1, and Kohl's. Oh, and Starbucks. How can I not love that? My mom framed the front page of the Tucson paper from the day I was born. Leave it Mom to give me the gift that makes me teary. My girls from The Bump sent me a unicorn pillow pet, which was just awesome.

All around, it was a great day of celebrating. I feel so blessed to have such a great friend in Mrs. ESPN, and I felt humbled that so many people came to celebrate with me or send me messages. My Facebook wall got blown.up, people. I have some truly amazing people in my life.

Today, I'm heading out to spend some gift cards, doing some laundry (it's gotta get done) and working on the arrangement for my gallery wall. I spent a gift card yesterday picking up some frames, and my gift from my mom gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get to work on displaying our memories. I'm not sure how it'll turn out, but it'll be a fun project. Tonight, I think we're going to dinner, or possibly cooking together. I'm not sure if Dan has decided. No matter what though, it'll be perfect, I know that much.


Kathy4678 said...

Happy Birthday Lady!! Hope this is your best year yet! xoxo

Shana said...

Happy birthday! I wish you the very best year yet.

And I wish you luck on your gallery wall. It took me forever to do mine. My advice...lay it out on the floor first. I only did that after I made five holes in the wall.

Have fun spending the rest of your gift cards. And make sure you tell everyone you meet about your younger husband (I love it!).

Brooke said...

Shana, thanks to Young House Love, I have a plan that doesn't involved extra nail holes. They cut out a template for each frame that they taped to the wall so they could see the arrangement. Once it was all laid out the way they wanted, they measured for the holes and hammered. I'm totally glad I read that blog (it's in my blog roll), or else I'd have a gazillion holes - and a very unhappy (younger) husband.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a fabulous weekend.
Sorry the newspaper made you cry.
I hope the rest of your birthday is wonderful! Love you

Brooke said...

Momma, you're a goof. Those were good tears. You always give me meaningful gifts - you're the best! Love you!

400 Wakeups said...

I am so glad that 30 is being good to you so far!! My 30th birthday was so anti-climatic as Neal was in Kuwait and I was packing to leave for Italy. I *might* have had one margarita. Although I guess I was leaving for Italy, so there's that. ;-D

Um...and don't tell hubs this but I thought you were younger than him?? 30 looks good on you, darling. Roar!

Hutch said...

You are my PUMA idol! Glad to hear you had such a great bday!