Monday, March 7, 2011

Paisley's reaction to moving

We have 4 days to go until the big move (yay!) and packing is coming along well. We've got most of our stuff in boxes, aside from clothes we'll wear this week and personal items. Dan tells me the spare bedroom, which is full of tools and cleaning supplies at this point, is packed. It doesn't look any different to me, but I don't have to move it, so I'll take his word for it. It's nice to be making progress, and I'm getting very excited. There is just one member of this family who's not so happy with the packing: Paisley.

This was Paisley on Friday evening. She's a wee bit puffy. Aren't those wrinkles the cutest? Someone is allergic to packing, perhaps. She swelled up, got hives, and spent the weekend tossing her cookies. Awesome. She either got bit by something or she's really freaking out about this whole moving thing. I'm thinking it's anxiety from having her home suddenly turn into a cardboard maze. Poor thing probably thinks we're leaving her. It started Friday with the hives and swollen face, then progressed to an upset tummy (puking only, thank goodness). She was out of sorts all day Saturday. On Sunday morning, I opened the crate to let The Girls out, and Paisley puked while Clover peed on the carpet. All within about 3 minutes of me even being awake. Benadryl and a diet of white rice had her pretty much back to her old self by yesterday afternoon, and I hope it stays that way.

She completely reminds me of this post from Hyperbole and a Half. Paisley is our Helper Dog, Clover is our Simple Dog. Ironically, a friend had sent me the link to the post on Friday, mere hours before I went home to find my own Helper Dog bumpy with hives. I'm just glad we're moving 24 miles away and not 2 states away. I think we'd have to sedate her if that was the case. The next time we move (I hope that's a loooooong tome from now), I'm going to need someone to warn Paisley. And that person will also need to volunteer to administer the 20 Benadryls it'll take her to get through the week. I just hope she appreciates it all when she has a yard of her very own come Friday. Poor Helper Dog.

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Shana said...

Poor puppy! Sofie didn't take to moving well either. In the first ten minutes of being at the new house she pooped on the floor and threw up twice. Now she loves it though.

I'm sure Paisley will enjoy her new digs as soon as she arrives.