Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My biggest hope

Day o5: Something you hope to do in your life

There are many things I hope to do, see, and accomplish in my lifetime. I hope to go to Europe, see the Sistine Chapel, breath in the air in Ireland, and maybe someday have a bakery. But there's only one thing I've ever wanted to do in my whole life and that's be a mom. I can't imagine anything more fulfulling and wonderful than having a child with Dan, seeing him being a father, and raising a person to be a respectful, contributing member of society.

There are many things I look forward to in mommyhood. I can't wait until the day I know I'm carrying life inside me, the day that will change our whole world and shift every priority to the health and safe-keeping of that life. I can't wait to feel it move, to choose a name, and to see its tiny face for the first time. To count its fingers and toes and tell Dan "look, she has your nose!" We look forward to bonding with our kids, teaching them to swim, throw a ball, and ride motorcycles (I know, eek, but it's a given). We look forward to watching them go off to school, make best friends, and hopefully enjoy learning as much as we both do. We only hope we can do what everyone hopes to: give our kids everything we had and more.

As the holidays come near, I start to think about all the things I want to do with our kids to celebrate Christmas. I want to make cookies with them, and make the magic of Santa come alive. I want to take them to see lights and play in snow, and sing carols and drink cocoa. I want them to love every memory and tradition we create with them, and instill a spirit of giving and generosity, and show them how to make Christmas merry for others less fortunate.

I hope to someday have a relationship with a daughter like I have with my mom, and hopefully even closer. I hope our kids love their siblings and count each other among their best of friends. Most of all, I just hope we do a good job at being parents, and that - even with the tough times mixed in - we love every last moment.

I just can't wait to be a mom. Hopefully 2011 will be the year my hope comes true.


Salt said...

I think you are going to be the most amazing mom. :) Holidays are something that I'm looking forward to the most!

Shana said...

Love this post. I feel exactly the same way. Some days I just don't think I can stand the waiting. I'm sure you are going to be a wonderful mom and all of these dreams will come true.

Amanda said...

Oh Brooke....I hope that for you too!!! Although my son isn't here, I already feel the joy of motherhood. The feeling of he/she moving -- literally, nothing like it in the world. I day dream about his face, about how he'll be someday. I already don't care nearly as much about myself as I do him and he's not even born yet! But I pray that you do have that joy, soon! Can't wait to see that post :)

Brooke said...

Thanks, ladies :) I can't wait to see that little man, Amanda! He's going to be adorable. Although I don't think I got the due date quite right. I think I got a bit too ambitious with November 14th :(

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I love your post and can't help but laugh b/c it reminded me that motherhood is so rewarding - even when you are sick and have to clean up after sick kids! I can't wait to plan your baby shower!