Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Belated Meal Plan Monday: 11/8/10

Between vacation and poor meal planning, I haven't done one of these in a few weeks. Here's our meal plan for this wonderful second week of November.

Monday: Mmmmm, pizza. Mrs. ESPN suggested using Pillsbury crusts and it was awesome!

Tuesday: Turkey stuffed peppers. Dan has been iffy on this one lately, so I'm only making dinner portions instead of the lunch & dinner sized batch I usually make. He may have to eat if for dinner, but at least he won't have to endure leftovers. You're welcome, honey

Wednesday: Pot roast. I got an awesome deal at Safeway - only $1.99 a pound!

Thursday: Shredded beef tacos with leftover pot roast. I love reworked meals! And this will be great since I have a pretty involved cupcake order to start on Thursday night.

Friday: French's fried onion chicken and green beans. Dan suggested this one a while back and it was super tasty but I haven't made it in a while.


I also have some fun news. My wedding dress has been sitting in my closet since our wedding last year. Just sitting. I had wanted to do a trash the dress session, but 1. I grew out of my dress (sad face) and 2. I have my hesitations, and refuse to ruin it if I'm not 100% sure. So I've decided to donate it to Brides Against Breast Cancer, which is affiliated with Making Memories and the Pink Envelope Project. The dress will be sold at a reduced cost, and the proceeds will go to breast cancer research. When I told my mom about it yesterday, she asked if I was ready to part with it, as she sensed hesitation in my voice. It's not so much that I'm not ready to part with it, but I wonder if someday my daughter (hopefully and hypothetically) will ask to see my dress and I won't have it to show her. On the other hand, I can tell her that I gave my dress so that another bride could feel fabulous on her wedding day, and I gave it up for a good cause. I hope she could be proud.

My dress just isn't living up to its full potential and I hope it can make someone else happy. I am considering cutting a 2 inch sliver off the end of the train so I'd have a piece of it, but haven't made up my mind on that yet. Either way, I'm really happy with my decision, and I hope to ship my dress out by the end of next week.


Shana said...

I think donating your wedding dress is an amazingly generous thing to do.

We recently pulled my mom's dress out of the closet so my sister in law could see it. The fabric has yellowed and there is a large stain on the bottom of the dress that had been cleaned but came back with age. The seam on the waist is also coming apart. The dress sat in the back of the closet for 38 years and went to waste. It was so beautiful and it was only worn once.

Donating your dress...to such a great cause...will make sure something wonderful comes of it and it doesn't just go to waste.

JMJE said...

Yeah my wedding dress is still hanging up in my closet. I really need to figure out what I'm going to do with it. My mom did have her dress. She actually took it out of it's preserved packaging and put it on me (sort of against my will). We thought about having it altered for me for like 10 minutes and then I decided I wanted something of my own.

Amanda said...

I think that the dress thing is an amazing idea. I mean honestly, mine is just hanging out too. I can't wear it. I couldnt' fit into it before I got pregnant and certainly won't be able to after! And what else, it will sit in a box? You always have those memories and pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of Meal Plan Monday! You should start a link up! I would totally do this with you! I love having a plan for dinner time. It saves money, for one thing, but it also saves electricity because I don't stand in front of the open fridge and freezer trying to figure out what the hell to make!

Also! I love making beef stir fry from leftover pot roast! I make a pot of rice and then saute onions and peppers, add the beef, and then add teriyaki sauce. Then I use small tupperware containers (like Gladware) and portion it out. I usually end up with three or four lunch portions. I can freeze them or keep them in the fridge for the week. Instant Lean Cuisine! :D