Thursday, April 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life: How I met my husband

It is once again time for a Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life post. This week is the "how we met" story. Enjoy...

There once was a girl named Brooke. She was a good girl at heart but had made some mistakes in love. She came from a wonderful and supportive family, enjoyed her job, had a new puppy and was 4 months out of a relationship and looking forward to rediscovering herself.

There was also once a boy named Dan. He was young, fun, and tattooed but serious about what he wanted out of life. He had a great core group of friends and was working to rebuild a relationship with his parents.

There was also a hussy named Nikki who'd trapped a boy named Dennis by getting knocked up. Brooke worked with Nikki and Dan knew Dennis in high school. The hussy named Nikki couldn't possibly be separated from Dennis for an afternoon to have a baby shower, so she made Dennis bribe his guy friends into coming with beer.

Brooke and Dan were both invited to the baby shower. There was good food, fun games, and - as promised - beer. Brooke remembers noticing a tall cute guy with tattoos and a sweet smile. Dan remembers falling in love at first sight with the girl who knew everything about celebrity babies. Just as he got the liquid courage to approach her, she left for dinner plans.

Dan asked the hussy named Nikki for Brooke's contact info, and between their hectic schedules (he worked full time, a second job, and went to school), they went on a date approximately two weeks later. He remembers that she ordered fried macarroni and cheese and a vodka soda with olives. He also remembers the outfit she wore and could pick it from her closet to this day. She remembers that he was shy, but sweet. There was something magnetic about him.

Long story short, they dated for like 8 months, got engaged, and then got married 17 months after that first meeting. And they lived happily ever after.


Salt said...

OMG. He could pick out your outfit that you had on that day from your closet? THAT is LOVE!

What an awesome story. You guys are the best.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I am impressed - even though I already knew most of the story! Cute recap!

Meghan said...

I love this story!!! My hubby can also recall what I wore - it's funny what guys remember!

Amanda said...

I love "how i met my hubby/wife" stories! so cute, seriously. I love that he remembered what you ate!