Thursday, April 22, 2010

My unproductive week

It's been a long week. While I'm looking forward to going back to work, I'll also miss the relaxation and snuggle time with the pups. Here's the run-down on what I've done so far:

2: homework assignments done (out of 4). I hope to get #3 done tomorrow, and #4 done this weekend. Then I shall be done with my masters!
3: homemade lunches consumed
2: trips outside the apartment
1: times I've done my hair
3: loads of laundry
1: trips to the dog park
5: hours spent napping
16: trips outside for Paisley
40: trips outside for Clover
2: accidents from Clover, which is a HUGE improvement and low percentage considering she went outside 40 times
2: hours the TV has been on during the day. And that's total. Not per day.
0: cookies baked - yet. I'm doing it tomorrow, I swear
4: lunches made for Dan and set lovingly on the counter
1: kickboxing class, and my body is soooo sore
3: times cleaning the kitchen after a delicious homemade dinner
172: text messages sent
1: trip to the doctor, at which I learned that...
8: pounds gained since the wedding. Sob.

Yeah, that's about it. And that's really grasping for straws and thinking of everything I've done. Dan should hopefully be home in time for our Thursdaily trip to Dos Gringos for monster tacos and buckets of beer. I've been very good with eating at healthy food at home all week, so this will be my one treat. I'm still sore from kickboxing, but I'm hoping I'll be able to feel my ass enough tomorrow to go to Body Works class. I've gotta get those 8 pounds off, and then some more.

How's your week been?


Karen said...

I think it sounds like an awesome day. Who can say they went up and down 2 flights of stairs a total 56times in one day. Way to go Brooke!
Enjoy your evening out with hubby. Congrats on almost being done with school. YEA!!

Brooke said...

No, momma. That's the whole week :)

Salt said...

I want to go to Dos Gringos for buckets of beer. That sounds fabulous.

Oh Clover. How can something that is so small go to the bathroom so often? 2 times definitely sounds like a huge improvement though! (Thanks to the Dog Whisperer?)

I am so excited for you to finish your schoolwork!!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Sweetie welcome to the first year of marriage!!! We need to plan a night out to celebrate your Masters - what's more exciting than two women with Master's In Tax???? I need to text you some exciting news before I blog it!