Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

We had ourselves a lovely little Easter weekend. I did eventually get some steam and go Keg Hunting on Friday, but by the time I got off my ample arse, they were pretty much claimed unless I wanted to venture downtown, which I didn't. Blech, downtown. So I took myself out for a pedicure instead, followed by Easter basket shopping, some light cleaning and heavy napping. I also had to drop my tiny skirt off at the post office to be sent back and resized. I'll be crossing my fingers for the next 4 days that it makes it back in time. We went to Dave & Buster's for the concert and had a pretty good time. We didn't like the second band much, but it was still a fun evening.

Saturday was a waste. I admit I had a bit too much fun on Friday night and my tummy was angry with me Saturday. Stupid shot. Dan loves making people do shots. He forgets, however, that his wifey is a light-weight. Dan had to work a couple jobs (hurray for over time!) so I chilled by myself and watched a marathon of my most favorite of guilty pleasures, Teen Mom.

Yesterday was Easter (obviously), and I made little Easter eggs with beefy treats for The Girls. Clover the Smartypants figured out how to bite them so they'd open, and Paisley was smart enough to follow her around to steal the treats. I also gave Dan a basket filled with various candy bunnies. He'd asked for a real bunny (which he'd name Yummy and fatten up), so I gave him the best substitute I could. I'm pretty sure he's happy for now, until the next holiday with an animal mascot comes along (so I'm safe for a long time, right?).

We went to my in-law's for steak and yummy veggies. I made delicious cheesecake brownies and we hung out for a bit. The Girls got to run around in the yard and burn off a metric ton of energy. When we got home, the girls and I took a nap and when I woke up, there were reports from people all over Phoenix about an earthquake. I realized that I'd been woken up by it, thinking that one of the dogs was scratching and making the bed move. However, when I looked around, they were both still. Being only half awake, I figured I was out of it and went back to sleep. Of course, when I put two and two together later, it made sense. It's very strange to me that we felt an earthquake in Mexico in Phoenix.

How was your Easter weekend?


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Glad you had a nice time! I took a lovely nap on Saturday - it was awesome!

Amanda said...

Oh wow -- that's scary!!

I love naps. LOVE THEM. I could nap every day if people would let me. I love that you did light cleaning and heavy napping -- as it should be!